Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 5: Jackson, MI to Madison, AL

7:15am: Out the door and into the truck. Not bad. I like Jackson. I could spend more time in Louisiana and Mississippi.

8:30am: A town called Chunky. And a river called Chunky River. Funny.

9:04am: We’re in Alabama! Looks just like Louisiana and Mississippi. Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas took so long to drive across that Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.

9:30am: We’re at a gas station and Christian can’t get the gas cap to come off. We’ve had no problems with it thus far, but this time it feels like it’s been welded on. And the poor guy has been standing out in the cold for the last 10 minutes trying to remove it. Less than 5 hours from our destination, and we can’t even get gas. Great.

9:35am: He got it! Way to persevere, Christian. Now get back in the truck and warm up those hands! Christian just declared that he doesn’t like experiencing all four seasons and plans to stay in California where the weather is pretty mild the whole year round.

11:27am: For the first time this trip, we are on a freeway heading north. For once the sun isn’t glaring into my eyes through my side window. It’s kind of nice. We just passed through Birmingham (which, by the way, actually had an impressive-sized downtown) and we’re heading North toward Huntsville and Madison. You know what’s funny? I’m typing about finally heading to Madison, Alabama, and the narrator on the CD is talking about heading to Madison Avenue, New York City. Funny coincidence.

11:33am: A truck just went by with a deer in the back. We could see the antlers sticking out. Guess they had a good hunting morning.

12:35pm: Decided to stop for lunch. We had a choice: Waffle House or Hardee’s. I wanted a big waffle from Waffle House. But I knew we were almost an hour away, so grabbing something quick at Hardee’s and eating it in the truck seemed like the best idea. As we walked into Hardee’s, Christian said something about sitting down and eat it. What?? If I had known he wanted to sit and eat, I would have gone to Waffle House! But by that time we had parked the truck and were on our way in. Arrrggg! So I downed a cheeseburger and curly fries and pretended they were a yummy waffle. Didn’t really work, but it was worth a try.

1:07pm: 10 miles to Madison! We made it! Luckily, I already know where I’m going from my Thanksgiving trip with Jennifer. Can’t wait to get out of this truck and spend a little time with the Derbys in Alabama. While it has been cold everywhere we’ve been, the weather has been nice and sunny the whole way here—perfect just for our trip.

10:12pm: Poor Derbys. Moving is so hard. Especially when you’re moving back into a house you’ve been renting out for the last 6 years. There’s so much to do. We helped them move their stuff into their house tonight. Half a dozen guys from the Elders Quorum at church came to help. They were so incredibly friendly and made the moving fun. It was fun that the Derbys already knew the guys (and we just getting to re-know them). The guys from the ward were trying to convince us to move out there, too. I know they’ll love being back in their old ward. After just standing around and laughing with Jennifer and Mike, I know we will miss them so much. Up until now it wasn’t like they were really going to be gone since we would be seeing them out here. But now that we’re here and flying home in a day and a half, it’s real. We’re going home and they’re staying here. And we’ll miss them.


Ashley said...

A town called Chunky. Now that's funny.

Ashley said...

Oh and glad you made it!

The Wades said...

glad you made it ... don't ever, ever eat at a waffle house. it is the most disgusting chain of breakfast restaurants known to man. never, ever eat at a waffle house! :)

The Wades said...

no, no waffles either. not anything, ever! :)

ryan, maren and leah said...

wonder if they're in the ward ryan was in?? madison 2nd, i think.

and count yourself lucky that you didn't go to waffle house. it is the single most awful restaurant i have ever been to (if you can even call it a restaurant). awful. disgusting. i've never been sicker in my life.