Tuesday, January 22, 2008

big hunk of metal

We have been in the possession of a washer and dryer for a few months. We are technically borrowing them. But they have been causing us a great deal of stress (and costing us a great deal of money).

When we got them, the dryer was broken. So we had it fixed, which cost about $$$. But, alas, the dryer is broken again. And the washer is having problems, too. We could pour about $$$$ more into the appliances to fix them, but who's to say they aren't going to break again in a month? Then we'd have to pour another $$$$$ into them.

So here are our options:

1) Forget the idea of having a washer and dryer in our place, give them back, and live with the fact that we will spend $$ a month on laundry (and that doesn't include Richard and Dianna's laundry expenses). But even more likely, we will just never have clean clothes, because we are rarely home long enough to do coin-operated laundry. And when we finally get around to it, we do about 6 or 7 loads and end up with hours of clothes-folding to do. Not my idea of time well spent.

2) Pay to have them fixed again---That will be twice in the 3 months we've had them. That's ridiculous, right? My gut tells me they will break again. (You know, since my gut talks and all.)

3) Spend a little more to buy a new (but used) set off Craigslist---But who knows what condition they will be in, and there's just as much of a chance that they will break as well. And then we'll just have to fork over even more $$$$$$$$$$$!

4) Spend even more to buy a brand-new set that will be our washer and dryer for life. If we buy a new set, we can get a 4-year warrantee and not have to spend another penny on them for at least 4 years. We hope to stay in our apartment for at least the next 3 years, and by that time they will have long since paid for themselves, and we can then store them if we temporarily end up in a place that doesn't have a washer/dryer hook-up.

Here's one (of many) dilemmas. I feel like for every new hunk of metal purchased, someone takes a perfectly good used hunk of metal to the dump. This doesn't sit well with me. But how do you find that perfectly good used hunk of metal?? There's no way of telling whether the used hunk of metal marked "in perfect condition" is really in perfect condition. It's a gamble.

What would you do??


Julia Wade said...

if you guys could afford it, i'd say #4. there will be a time where you will be grateful that you made the investment. you never know with the craigslist w/d if they could turn out to be hunks of metal too, you know?

Ashley said...

3 or 4. This was how I felt buying a car off Craigslist, but I think you can find a nice set, especially if you go check it out and the people seem reputable. It depends on if you are pretty sure you will need a w/d at your next place. If your next place has one already, you will be trying to unload this set so it might as well be used. But I am sure you could get a nice new set at a reasonable price at Sears or Lowes so why not. Either is a good option. Not having a w/d is not a good option!

KaylynnCallister said...

I say option #4. But you can do it cheaply. They have really cheap sets at sears and stuff - like $200 or less for each. No need to go crazy and get a nice set, right? They all wash and dry!

Mer said...

I feel your pain. When we lived in France we had a very small (and cheapo) French washer and no dryer (hardly anyone over there has dryers, I don't know how they do it) and we we spent many hours and many euros going to the laundromat to dry our clothes (it wasn't cheap: 1 euro for 10 minutes of drying time...ouch, especially with the exchange rate!). I told Baptiste that if he ever had hopes of moving back to the mother country he had to figure out a way for us to import our very large and spacious American washers and dryers. That's the deal and it still stands.

It's not worth the drain of time or money. If you can, I would say option #4 for sure!

C. Yardley said...

Hi - I am a blog spy. I say #4. I bought new w&d when I moved 2 years ago and love it. There is a lot to be said about the laundry mat - wash and dry 10 loads in 1.5 hours. But who wants their underwear rolling around with other stranger's underwear? As for the old ones, just melt the metal into a nice pair of earrings.

Julie and Lenny said...

Definately #4. It's one of those invesments that's worth it. Like a bed or sofa -- because you use it ALL the time and that's not going to change anytime soon. I think if you buy it, you will never regret doing it, even though it's a big chunk of change up front. You can buy a cheaper decent w/d too, like Kaylynn said. Try to bargain with the sales guy or see if he'll let you buy the floor model. You'd be surprised what people will do if you ask for a discount. Think "what's the worst they could say?...No?" Good luck! :)

Julia Wade said...

also keep in mind molly that in the long run a front loading washer and dryer will save you hundreds if not thousands due to their energy efficiency

LJ said...

oooh Molls, I have no idea! I feel for you, never wanting to go back to the laundromat again! Though there are many good things to be learned at the laundro. I used to make Debbie teach me a new dance when we'd go!

Molly said...

I LOVE blog spies!

Thanks for the advice, everyone! We're probably going for option #4. As soon as Christian gets his W2 forms, we'll know for sure. :)

LKC said...

I would go with #4. Those new front-loading w/d are really energy & water efficient. They'll pay for themselves faster with all the $$$ you'll be saving on electricity and water. That should make the environmentalist in you happy too.

Molly said...

Oh! And Meredith--they now make a washer/dryer that does it all in one! I'm not talking the stackable kind. I'm talking you literally stick your clothes in a machine and it washes them first then dries them. Just one big hunk of metal. Now you can move to Europe and have your very own washer/dryer unit in your teeny weeny apartment!