Friday, December 14, 2007

the twelve expenses of Christmas

12) A tune-up and repair on the Acura.

11) A re-repair on the Acura when the first repair didn't fix it.

10) A repair on the dryer.

9) A traffic ticket for turning left when I wasn't supposed to.

8) Registration fees for the Acura.

7) A broken computer system on the Passat.

6) A new headlight for the Passat.

5) A new battery for the Acura.

4) An overdraft fee.

3) Three more to go? Bring it on, fate!!


The Wades said...

'tis the freaking season!! :)

Ashley said...

Ooooh that is so painful about the car expenses. If you ever need to borrow our corolla, let me know!