Thursday, December 6, 2007

thursday tid-bits

1) My post about my marathon is coming soon. Just haven't had a chance to upload all the photos and get my thoughts down on paper.

2) At my meeting on Monday, someone set a platter of cookies on a platform placed precariously on an extra conference phone which had been set on a conference-room chair. Not realizing the platter wasn't stable, I reached for a cookie. Upon touching the cookie (not even lifting it up, just touching it), the entire platter slid of and all the cookies went flying. How embarassing.

3) I need my readers' opinions: How much would someone have to pay YOU to drive their moving truck across the country? Would it be worth it?

4) I'm back on track with the getting-in-super-shape-and-maybe-even-a-six-pack thing. I don't like New Years Resolutions because no one ever keeps them. So my plan is to get it done before New Years. Honestly, it's really hard. But I ran my marahon and now I'm ready to make every muscle in my body sore--starting with my butt. My inspiration? Last month's Runners World cover. I mean, who wouldn't want those abs?

5) I only have one group project and one paper due. Then I'm done with this semester.

6) Tell me--how do you find a balance? Constantly being practical and always sacrificing to prepare for your financial future, and living your life to enjoy it and being care-free enough to follow your dreams and know that it will all work out in the end.

7) I really want a Christmas tree. A full-sized Christmas tree. This will be our first big tree. I think I might pop if I don't get one this week. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get a nice tree for not too much money?

8) We have squirrels on our roof (or in our roof--I can't tell--but I think they live IN the roof). Sometimes we can hear them running around. One of them eats my tomatoes--stupid squirrel! They're lucky they're cute. Lately, around 7am every morning, they get into a scuffle. I can hear them running around right above my bed. They wake me up. And I love it. If they were rats, I'd be grossed out. But because they are squirrels, I think it's great. I love hearing animals--birds, squirrels, dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens. But in my apartment, I have to settle for the sound of squirrels running around. I take what I can get.


The Wades said...

1) can't wait for the marathon post ... and pictures up on flickr!
2) mmmmm, cookies. don't stress about them falling, not your fault. ;)
3) we paid $7,000 (well, cisco did) to move from CA to NC and it was totally worth it.
4) good luck with that ab thing. wish i had the genes.
5) rock on, finish that paper. be done for the holidays!
6) i think this is a tough one, but a lot of of the "spend vs. save" is a generational phenomenon. i think our generation is very much interested in time and convenience, and so we'll spend it, to get it. i think it's all about your priorities. of course we all want to save and "get ahead" but at the same time we want to enjoy life (i.e. travel, food, entertainment). we set a budget and work hard to play.
7) we bought our first fake one at lowes this year. love it. no more sap, pine needles, dyingness. though i miss the smell.
8) we had squirrels too! on crisanto! i swear they had races on our roof. they sounded like horses on our roof in the morning. i swear the black ones are little devils.

Cleverly Corner said...

If you go to the Los Gatos Mtns. you can cut down your own tree. Every tree is one price like $25 or $30. Take 17 and get of..I need a map because I don't remember the street name. If I was still in California then I would cut down my own tree if I was going live instead of fake. Even though you have to do some grunt work the price is worth it. A tree at a lot can easily cost you double or triple a tree from a farm. Think about it. I will find the exit for you and send you a personal e-mail just incase you decide to go in that direction.

LJ said...

Oh boy, when someone tells you how to find balance, please please please let me know.
Target is the cheapest place for trees, even cutting one down yourself is super expensive now. We just bought a fake one this year. Couldn't hack it anymore.

Ashley said...

You can get a 6-7 foot Douglas at Home Depot for about $30 and it's pretty convenient--they saw off the bottom and net it up for you. As for driving a moving van across the country--yikes. In addition to expenses for food, gas, and shelter, I'd want at least $100/day for my time, depending on a lot of things. A nice grand would make it pretty enticing.

KaylynnCallister said...

Let's see's about 3000 miles cross country. Let's say the truck is going to get about 250miles to the tank - which means you would need 12 tanks. Each tank being $50, that would cost you $600. If it takes you 5 nights, with each hotel room at $150/night, that's $750. Food for 3 days for 2 people - $500. Entertainment - $300. (a few movies here and there...or so) Also, factor in any time you wouldn't be working and what that cost would be to you. If it's vacation days and you're getting paid, then that's another story.

Expenses: $2,150
Cost for not being at work: X

I would ask for at least $5,000. That's cheaper than they could get professional drivers and you can sell the trust factor :)

Jenni said...

The only point I have the energy to respond to right now is the Christmas tree one. Go cut one down in the mountains. It's all about the experience. We have gone to Castle Rock Christmas Tree farm every year of my life and, in my opinion, that's the only way to do it. I think they're around 50 bucks a tree, but it's worth a little more for the experience. Castle Rock is on Skyline. If you take Hwy 9 until it hits Skyline, go left (south) on Skyline, go down for awhile and the tree farm is on the right.