Sunday, December 30, 2007

Day 2: Kingman, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

Day 2: Kingman, AZ to Albuquerque, NM

I'd like to include photos in this, but the internet at this hotel is too slow. So maybe I'll add photos tomorrow night. We'll see.

6:00am: Alarms went off. We pushed snooze. And the pushed it again. And again. And again.

7:25am: Oops. We finally woke up and got out of bed. At first I was pretty annoyed. I had hoped to be on the road by 6:30. The sooner we leave, the sooner we get to our next destination. But then I realized it doesn’t really matter that much. This way we’d get to see what Kingman looked like in the daylight.

8:30am: Back on the interstate. Kingman isn’t much to look at in the daylight. Oh well. I’ve discovered that riding in a big huge Penske moving truck really isn’t so bad. The seats are comfortable and it’s quite roomy. I can stretch my legs out on the dash. I can put my maps/camera/books/CDs/laptop on the 3-foot stretch of bench seat between Christian and me and still not feel claustrophobic. Can’t quite do that in the Passat. Christian just informed me that it’s making him feel claustrophobic. Ok, I’ll clean off the seat. And singing along to music in this truck gives you the most hilarious vibrato ever. Of course, I then realized that if my vocal cords were bouncing that bad, it was no wonder that my head hurt. Oh, and you know those old weight-loss devices that were supposed to vibrate your fat in order to shrink it? I’m’ hoping this constant belly/arm/thigh vibrating is working just like that.

10:05am: Stopped to get gas, and guess what? It just happened to be the Six-Shooter Molly Trading Company! Ok, it was just a gas station store, but still! Six-Shooter Molly! Doesn’t get much better than that.

10:30am: I discovered that I can’t listen to a book and do something else at the same time. I miss everything the reader is saying. So every time I want to look at a map or read the travel guide or do something on my laptop, I have to stop the CD. I wouldn’t want to miss part of the story, right? Oh, by the way, today we’re listening to the Pelican Brief. I’ve also discovered that if I don’t see names in writing, I don’t remember them. So after about 20 minutes of saying, “Who is that? Wait, who’s this person?” I finally started writing down the characters’ names. I’m following the story much better now.

10:45am: I decided we’re going to drive on the scenic route to see the canyon on the road to Sedona. It’s a little off our path, but supposed to be very pretty. Feeling a bit like my mom during our family trip across the US, I started reading out of the tourbook about Sedona. I had literally read about three paragraphs when I looked up and… trees! There were trees! That quickly we had gone from tumble weed to real pine trees! Although I try to tell myself that long stretches of tumble-weed covered desert is beautiful, I know my true love is green. Green trees. Granted, throw some cool rock formations and Joshua trees into the desert scene, and it’s a bit better, but I still prefer the trees.

12:00pm: Age old story. Molly points out the exit to go see the canyon. Christian doesn’t want to go see it, but doesn’t say anything. Christian is grumpy the whole time. Molly confronts him about it. Everything is blown out of proportion. Trip to the canyon sucks. We drive in silence for a ridiculous amount of time. Need I say more?

1:17pm: Driving past Winslow, Arizona. Would have toyed with the idea of finding “the corner” but (1) I really don’t care to see “the corner” and (2) I’m not about to suggest we get off the freeway after the canyon fiasco.

12:53pm: Dinosaur spotting.

3:54pm: All’s quiet on the western-heading-eastern front. Not much to report. Beautiful carved red hills and bluffs. Is that what they’re called? We stopped to grab something to munch on (Reeses Pieces just aren’t cutting it). I felt like eating a taco. A real, small, authentic taco. We’re in New Mexico. Shouldn’t there be little taquerias on every corner? Nope. We got gorditas at Taco Bell. Oh well. 124 miles to Albuquerque.

5:31pm: Just passed a speed limit: “75mph, minimum 65mph in left lane.” Amen. No slow pokes in the fast lane. That’s why we’re in the slow lane. ☹

5:50pm: Arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Right on schedule. Even with the canyon fiasco. Checked into a hotel near Old Town. First thing we did? Call the movie theaters. And do you know what? A guy actually answered! What the heck? I was expecting a recorded message with the movie times and was actually caught speechless when he asked if he could help me. Funny.

6:50pm: Walked around Old Town. Of course, it was almost 7:00pm on a Sunday night. Nothing was open. But it was fun to walk around anyway. We were looking for a place to eat dinner, but didn’t want Mexican food (funny since that’s all I wanted for lunch). Walked back to our hotel—frozen.

7:30pm: Drove the massive moving truck to downtown, parked it, and ate at a yummy little pizza place—mmmmmm! Burping up garlic for hours after—not so mmmmm. Then we walked across the street to the movie theater. As we came around the corner, we saw a Tucano’s Brazilian Churrascaria. Oops. Christian just about died when he saw it. If only we had gone to buy the movie tickets before going to the pizza place.

10:30pm: Left the movie theater after watching I am Legend. Although it was very good (quite different from the book, but fun to compare the similarities and differences), we kicked ourselves the entire way home. We don’t like scary movies! What were we thinking?! I can’t wait to walk out to our dark moving truck in the morning. We’re both going to pee our pants worrying about vampires hiding in it.

11:25pm: Going to bed WAY too late. Let’s see if we can get up in the morning…


Ashley said...

I don't understand why you are sitting three feet away from Christian. I want to see the two of you right next to each other on that bench seat! Drive safe!

Julie and Lenny said...

i'm so glad you're driving thru lenny and my home states! we should have told you the good places to go eat. you can't go to new mexico without eating something with green chile in it! well, next time.... :) Drive safe! see you when you get back.

LJ said...

hi ladypants! Hope you're having a great time, we missed you last night! Eat some yum tacos for me will you?? Dying for one right now.