Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day 1: Mountain View, CA to Kingman, AZ

Unfortunately, our wonderful friends, the Derbys, are moving back to Alabama. We will miss them so much. Especially since we decided not to move to Alabama with them. I know the idea of following friends across the country sounds a bit odd, but this friend also happens to be Christian’s boss. So we had the option of moving out there with them. But because of Christian’s schooling (2 more years! You can do it, Christian!) and because we don’t want to move Richard again (2 ½ more years! You can do it, Richard!), we decided we need to stay here. Although an adventure on the other side of the country sounded pretty fun.

So with the Derby’s moving, and Mike with a broken back, they needed someone to drive all their stuff back to Alabama. Who better to pay to do it then Christian? So we’re in a moving truck full of the Derby’s stuff driving across the country. This is our adventure.

We got up at 5:20am. Showered, put our stuff in the car, and went over to help the Derbys load up the last of their things. At 7:45am we said our goodbyes (ok, not really—we’re going to see them in 4 days) and set out.

We’re all set with books on CD. In fact, we have about 100 hours worth of books on CD. Today we’re listening to I am Legend. Maybe we’ll go see the movie tonightl

11:04am: We’re about an hour from Bakersfield. Agricultural fields stretch for miles on either side of us. Not much to look at. Yet I looked out just at the right time to see a little tan-colored fox walking lazily through the field. He was almost perfectly camouflaged. Sneaky little fella.

2:09pm: In Tehachapi looking for a gas station. Molly’s legs are going numb. Christian runs a stop sign. We spend a half hour in Kmart looking for a power inverter. Molly gets some comfy sweats. Christian makes lots of u-turns. Molly discovers she is literally sitting on the gas tank and is very glad she watched so many Myth Busters episodes that showed how hard it is to make a gas tank explode.

4:05pm: Barstow, CA. Just finished listening to I am Legend. Unfortunately the 4th (of 5) CD was scratched and we had to skip to disc 5. We missed quite a bit of the story. And we just can’t see a Will Smith movie ending like the book ended. So now we have to go see the movie to see if it stuck to the original story.

4:16pm: Just drove by a heart-wrenching and sobering scene. A crumpled SUV on its side about 15 feet off the right shoulder. About 6 cars were stopped and people were standing around the cab of the SUV. Half a dozen others just standing around. Looked like there were still people in the SUV. No fire trucks yet. No ambulance. Wanted to stop, but what good would two more people standing around do? All I could do is say a little prayer for the people in the SUV.

4:38pm: Molly declares she doesn’t want to eat any more fast food. We’ve only been on the road for 8 hours. It’s going to be a long trip.

4:45pm: It's now dark out. BORING!

So we listened to some Darwin Awards, watched ourselves lose an hour crossing the Arizona border, found a cheap hotel, had a lovely dinner at Denny's (yeah--we're going all out), and now it's time for bed.

Have I bored you enough? Stay tuned for more super exciting driving across the country details...

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