Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

What a wonderful Christmas. This was probably my favorite Christmas so far. Considering my horrible memory, I guess that’s not saying a whole lot, but it really was great.

It all started with Christmas music. I have never been crazy on listening to Christmas music. I’ve always liked it, but really only listened to it when someone else put it on. And technically I only like the traditional “classic” Christmas music. Modern spins on Christmas music really kind of annoy me. So this year I purchased my first very own Christmas music: Christmas with the Rat Pack (Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, etc.). And I constantly listened to KBAY (I know, I know—it’s KBAY, but during December they play all Christmas music).

But don’t worry—I’ll still only listen to Christmas in December. None of this discounting Thanksgiving and starting Christmas celebrations the day after Halloween. ☺

Next came the Christmas tree! It was beautiful. We went up to the mountains and chopped it down. Know what I learned this year? If everyone in the country cut down a real tree every year, it would be way better for the environment than everyone in the country buying one plastic tree each to last them for the rest of their lives. Makes me feel much better about cutting down trees every year. Granted, I probably could have figured that out on my own if I had thought about it. Trees giving off oxygen, requiring practically no water, biodegradable, renewable resource, etc. Yay! I’m being good to the environment!

Next came the gift giving. Sadly, two apartments in our area burnt down due to a grease fire. It was heartwarming to see a member of our ward at church send out an email to collect money and clothing for the displaced families. It felt amazing to directly help out a couple of families we didn’t even know.

For Christmas, we had Christian’s family over on Christmas Eve day. We had a yummy breakfast, opened presents, and watched movies.

We drove down to Hollister on Christmas Eve and spent the night and Christmas Day with my family. Everyone was there. Grandma Bernice, Mom, Dad, Ian, Kitty, Camden, Quincee, Taitum, Sutton, Tyler, Ashley, Charlie, Junior Junior in Ashley’s tummy, Amy, Ivan, Diego, Ashley, Jose, Christian, and me. There were a million presents to open in the morning and it was madness as everyone opened gifts. It’s normally very orderly with one person opening at a time, but because of the sheer number of gifts, it was crazy.

And on Christmas Eve we held our first Carter nativity reinactment. Complete with a baby Jesusa, a Josepha, a Mary, an angel, and a lion and cow. Oh, and Ian’s wonderful reading abilities. Mary is no longer Joseph’s espoused wife, but his estranged wife. I mean, it’s almost 2008, right?

Christian and I had a little contest going. I told him he was going to be SO excited about his gift. He told me I was going to be even more excited about mine. I couldn’t wait! Although what my parents and I got him was awesome, I think he was right.

Christian’s gift:


My gifts:

(map of US with frame)

(clipless pedals)

Of course, what good are clipless pedals if you don’t have shoes to go with them? So on the 26th, the first thing I did was go buy clipless shoes (with my allowance, of course). I cleaned my bike (which was useless, because I went out riding again on wet roads and got it all gritty again), installed my bike computer that Ashley gave me for my birthday, put on my clipless pedals, and sat there watching TV clicking my shoes in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out.

So yesterday morning I got all bundled up and went on a ride. I was expecting to feel this great difference in terms of riding ease, but then I realized that I hadn’t been on a real bike ride in, um, probably a couple months. And then I realized that I had only exercised twice since my marathon (out of sheer laziness—I felt perfectly fine two days after the marathon). So if my muscles and lungs had been ready for it, I’m sure I would have felt the difference. Instead, I just huffed and puffed my way out to Stevens Creek Reservoir and back. I practically froze on the way back. It took my toes about 20 minutes in the shower to fully thaw. But the clipless pedals worked great. Now I just have to get my lungs and quads to catch up.

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Ashley said...

Yay I'm glad you got the shoes for your clipless pedals! It was so fun to finally get to be at a Christmas in Hollister. That's interesting that gifts are usually opened one at a time. I was a little blown away by the mass opening!