Monday, November 12, 2007

wanted: the perfect boots

Wanted: the perfect pair of boots. I have only owned a couple pairs of boots in my adult life. I know that sounds absolutely absurd, but it's true. I am so incredibly picky when it comes to boots that I never buy any (and those I did buy were just because I gave up on my perfect boot). But every winter I start my search all over again. I've been looking for my ideal boots since the Winter of 2000. While in Spain I actually considered paying a shoe-maker to design my ideal boots, but I figured they wouldn't look just right and I'd be stuck with really expensive, not-quite-right boots.

While there are plenty of very cute boots out there, these are my dream boots...

* Black, but not shiny
* A pair in brown, too, if possible
* Flat heel or very (very) small wedge
* Square toe
* Flat toe, meaning that if you look at the toe from the side, the top is not rounded
* Thin sole
* Knee-high (mid/high-calf length would be nice, but doesn't work so well with big calves)
* Slim in the ankle
* Not too slim in the calf (I can't zip up some boots because I have big calves)
* Simple yet original stitching on the toe
* No buckles or other ornamentation
* No saggy, bulldog-looking design

These would be cute if they had more of a square toe and were a little tighter in the ankle (since they'll most likely stretch out and become saggy):

These are actually pretty cute (same criticism as the pair above), but who has $500 to spend on a pair of boots?

Cute, but not perfect (kind of military-esque)...

In fact, can someone just look at the basic shape of an old pair of square-toed Diesel shoes and design a pair of sleek black-leather knee-high boots from them, please?


ryan, maren and leah said...

i'm with ya - i've been looking for my perfect pair as well and still haven't found them. i gave up a few years ago and bought some okay black ones. so this winter, i'm on the prowl for brown. i'll probably give up again because i just want boots so bad!

let's become boot designers together.

Sarah said...

Hey, i may have the answer for do AMAZING boots. They are UK based but shipping is really easy from them- i have bought 4 pairs! Here are a few suggestions for you...

the best part is they do different calf sizes so they are perfect for larger than stick insect legs!

Sarah said...

Oh and these....

Biff Daddy said...

Hey do you know which Diesel shoes those in your picture are? I love the square toe shoes and this design rocks. Looked on ebay but can't find this design. Maybe they're a couple of years old. Cheers

Molly said...

Hey Biff Daddy. They are pretty sweet, huh? Unfortunately I just got the image off google images, but now the only picture I can find of them is the one on my blog. Sorry! I wish I knew. I remember I looked forever for the right picture, so I have no idea where I found it. Good luck!

Katia's useless blog said...

actually they do exits.
I got them 2 years ago in europe:

Molly said...

Katia--those are adorable! I knew they'd have them in Europe. I've been looking for them since I lived in Spain (almost 6 years ago).

Katia's useless blog said...

thanks, they were worth every penny. I used them up down to the rubber in the soles. I wish now i would have bought another pair. I since looked if i can find them somewhere but with no luck.

There was a whole line diesel had couple years ago and they has some nice boots, but nothing similar the last couple of seasons