Monday, November 26, 2007

the problem with a third marathon

Ever wondered what happens when someone doesn't train hard enough for a marathon? Stay tuned, because a week from today you'll find out. :)

I know I'll finish. And I don't think it will be too much slower than last year. I guess my dilemma isn't just about finishing. When I run I want to enjoy it. I really don't see much point in running so hard that you puke and all that over-the-top stuff. But even just running a race for which you haven't trained enough can end up being, well, not that fun.

So what's the point in running a marathon if you're not going to enjoy it? My first marathon I ran just to finish. And just finishing it was the "enjoyable" part of it. My second marathon I trained hard and had a goal in mind. The entire marathon was wonderful and I sprinted the finish and met my goal with 15 seconds to spare. Which makes me wonder--I've already felt the joy of "just finishing a marathon" and the joy of "running a great race and beating my time," what kind of joy am I supposed to get this time? Finishing a marathon after not training hard enough and knowing I could have done better? Hmmmm. Doesn't sound quite right.

You know, if I were one of those driven people who worked hard on everything and had to do everything perfectly, I think I'd care more. But I'm not. So it looks like I'm running a marathon this weekend!

Wish me luck!


Ryan said...

My goodness, a THIRD marathon? I have yet to finish my first.

Even worse, I have yet to BEGIN my first.

The Harmans said...

Just enjoy the company you have while running. That's one of my favorite things. :) You'll do great. You may surprise yourself. Sometime even training doesn't guarantee a good race.

LJ said...

Woohoo! You'll be amazing as always. I have no doubt. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night. Maybe I'll train with you for your fourth marathon. Running in the dark doesn't work too well for me, and I'm petrified of cold!

The Wades said...

i'm with linds ... great training does not equal a great race. i've been there, done that a few times. i am just excited to see everyone ... ah, my california friends.