Thursday, November 29, 2007

hot hot heat

Christian wants more Hot Hot Heat for Christmas. No, not that kind of hot hot heat. This kind:

But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about real hot hot heat.

Yesterday we bumped our lives up two levels in the heat scene. I'm talking about a heater and a dryer.

The PG&E guy came yesterday to do our "safety checks" on our heaters (we have 2 since we're in a 3-bedroom). We were supposed to have that done when we moved into the apartment, but it was summer and who needs a heater in the summer? So after a couple weeks of freezing our butts off in our apartment, we finally had the guy come out and give us the OK to use our heaters. The up side? We have heat. Hot hot heat. The down side? Our apartment is so ghetto that we have to open the bottom of the heater and turn a nob to get the heat on. One has a broken thermostat and the other one just plain doesn't have a thermostat at all. Interesting.

So not only did the PG&E guy come yesterday, but so did the dryer guy! Christian finally called to get the dryer fixed. Because Christian's dad took the dryer apart and then it was transferred to our house in pieces, we were a little worried that it would cost as much to fix it as it would to buy a new one. Luckily, it only cost $180 plus a new $25 tube. I am so excited we didn't have to spend $500 to fix a dryer that isn't even ours. So now we have hot hot heat right in our apartment. So long, community laundry room!

On that note, I'm going to go ride my bike to tutoring in the Cold Cold Cold. Brrrr!


Ryan said...

I love Hot Hot Heat! So yes, get it for me. Please. He'll thank me for saying so.

Ryan said...

I love Hot Hot Heat! So yes, get it for me. Please. He'll thank me for saying so.

LJ said...

WOOHHOO! everyone could use a little hot hot heat right?

Ashley said...

Congrats on the dryer. Welcome to the good life!

LKC said...

Wasn't it PG&E who was poisioning people in Erin Brokovich?