Tuesday, November 6, 2007

happy birthday, christian!

Today is Christian's birthday! Happy Birthday, Christian! He's 27 today. Everyone at my work constantly reminds me that I'm "just a baby" since I just turned 26, so the fact that he's 27 still doesn't sound old. I swear we're still 22. How does the time fly by so fast??

These are just a few of the things Christian has done in his 27 years that make him the Christian we all know and love:

*Sleeping behind a couch for a few years.
*Getting one of his baby teeth knocked out and going without a front tooth for years until the adult tooth grew in.

*Living on the East Side where his babysitter got shot in the face (and survived).
*Changing his little brother and sister's diapers when they were babies.

*Somehow graduating from high school. ;)
*Making his little brother and sister play "wrestlemania" on the living room floor (Dianna always won).

*Filling a very large water fountain with soap.
*Luring possums to his fence and then throwing things at them to knock them off.

*Going on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Sao Paulo Brazil.
*Practically killing a lady (Patricia) in Brazil by making cigarette tea for her.

*Winning a radio contest he didn't even know he entered and getting to fly with a friend to London (completely free) to see a concert.
*Being called and sustained to Assistant Scout Master while sporting a mohawk.

*Eating a piranha in the Amazon.
*Singing along to the Simpsons musical episode--yep, he knows almost all the words.

*Getting on a horse for the first time and racing it up and down a white sand beach in Mexico.
*Laughing in his sleep. Does that surprise anyone?
*Letting a tarantula crawl up his face.

*Driving the short bus.

*Scuba diving with nurse sharks and eagle rays on the bottom of the ocean floor.

*Successfully running a half marathon after barely training at all (and while wearing a sweatband, a wifebeater, basketball shorts, and a camelbak).

*Organizing "soccer night" and keeping it going for almost 5 years (and counting).
*Getting huge air and landing on his face/back/butt/shoulder over and over and over til he learned to land a wakeboard and/or snowboard properly.

*Immediately winning over the friendship of almost every baby/child he has ever met.
*And every adult for that matter.
*Shopping and actually enjoying it (and coming out looking pretty smooth).

*Napping on top of Half Dome.

*Landing a great job working with one of his friends.

*Volunteering to have his little brother and sister live with him and not complaining about it.

I could go on and on and on and on, but I think you get the point.

Love you, lover!


Jenni said...

Hooray for Papa Mauer!!!!!!

nicole said...

happy bday! november bdays are the best!

Ashley said...

I have been thinking about Christian today! That list is so him and just makes me laugh. I love that he laughs in his sleep--classic.

KaylynnCallister said...

OK, that is adorable that you did that for Christian! What a stud, by the way. Tell him Happy Birthday!!

LJ said...

Happy birthday Papa Mauer!!!

Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Christian!

Julie and Lenny said...

Happy B-day christian! You forgot to mention successfully co-teaching one of the wildest classes in primary, and also getting sung to in primary for his birthday! :)

Veronica said...

I love my brother. He is one of my best friends! Thank you Molly for marrying him. He needs a woman like you.

Veronica said...

Oh...I wasn't there in your primary to lead the birthday song for Christian. So, I will do it now. As you sing you have to pat your legs 1x, clap your hands 1x, and snap your fingers 1x then repeat (when you sing HOORAY you need to make a fist and put it in the air and when you say YOU at the end point to the birthday person with both hands. Ready?!?! "You've had a birthday shout HOO-RAY! We want to sing to you today. One year older and wiser too happy birthday to you."

The Wades said...

happy birthday, christian! sorry we're a little late!

julia and jona