Thursday, November 8, 2007

fun times in the mauer household

I am a master present wrapper. A self-proclaimed master present wrapper. Here's my proof:

It's a helicopter on top of a mountain--in case you couldn't decipher my master skills. This was Christian's birthday present. The top present is a belt from my parents. Christian's black belt is now a faded grey, but he still wears it with black pants. No more! Below that is a structure made of chocolate-and-toffee-dipped pretzels, mint M&Ms, a little wooden airplane to go with the helicopter, and the first season of The Office, which we promptly started watching.

After the gifts we had brownies and ice cream.

I really wanted nice hot brownies, so I put the candles in right after the brownies came out of the oven. Uh, note to self. Dumb idea. The candles all melted.

I even sang Happy Birthday to Christian. Richard would have joined in the song, but he was busy putting bleach in his hair.

I'll add a finished product photo later. Looks pretty cool. He almost convinced Christian to use the rest of the bleach, but Christian declined. I was kind of hoping he'd do it. He could always just shave his head if he didn't like it (which he's probably going to do in a matter of days anyway).

Side note: That night at Target, I walked past the kids section and a sweater-dress jumped out at me. So I bought it. Have you ever perused the kids section at Target? They have some pretty cute stuff and every once in a while I actually get something. No one ever knows it's from the kids section. Oh--unless I tell them like I'm doing right now. So this morning I did the unthinkable and paired it with pants. I have refused to try this style. I've never really liked it. But it actually looked cute, so I'm wearing it. This picture doesn't quite do it justice, but you get the point.

Well, the girl I tutor had to cancel for today, so I'm going to work hard and then go home right after work! I'm so excited! Ready... set... work!


Veronica said...

FUN FUN FUN! It is too bad Christian can't fit in that helicopter...wait, have you heard of "Honey I shrunk the Christian??" It could work. Just call up Rick Moranis and I am sure he could help with that.
One day Christian will fly, I just know it, it is his dream. Wish I could have partaken of that melted candle brownies and watched The Office with you guys!

Tyler said...

We buy stuff from the kids section all the time...for Charlie. By the way, I agree, you are a master present wrapper. Nice work.

LJ said...

I love pants and a dress and have for many years. Skinny minis are lucky to purchase from the kiddy section. I have participated myself several times. I have mini feet so this isn't uncommon.

Hurray for Papa's B-day, Love the wrapping, love the office, love baby mauer's hair.

Jenni said...

Children's clothing/accessories are awesome! I have purchased a children's beanie, children's sunglasses, and children's clothing for myself and they fit me way better than adult ones. And, they're cheaper! I am definitely an advocate of shopping in the children's section. And I love the Mauers!!!!

KaylynnCallister said...

Ok, the picture of the leaning candles is hilarious! So cute that you wanted them all warm for him :) You know, I do the dress/pants thing often and I just say, "I know I look prego and half homeless, but I don't care, it's cute."