Wednesday, October 3, 2007

updates from the mauer household

Updates, updates! But more importantly -- pictures, pictures!

1. Back in September, Veronica came to visit! (V is Christian's sister. Savannah is V's beautiful daughter.) So we had a little party.

Paula and her first grandchild, Savannah!

Christian, Steve, and Richard. The men of the family.

What's a Mauer party without a pinata?

Work that body, Veronica!

And of course -- cake!

A trip to the beach is a must when visiting California.

Soaking up the...uh...shade.

A trip to the Boardwalk and my very first caramel apple ever!

More pics are on our smugmug page!

2. Amy and Ivan's wedding! It was wonderful! Of course, I didn't like any of the dresses I found in the stores, so...

Doesn't look like much yet...

A little bit of lace...

And voila! What a good looking family! Me, bro Tyler, sis Amy, newest family member Ivan, baby Diego, mom Chris, dad Mike, sis Ashley, and bro Ian.

Amy let me do the flowers for the big dinner! (Special thanks to Ashley for all her help!)

All my pics of the wedding are on my smugmug page!

3. Remember all my many projects I was going to get done? I can check #1 off my list. Here is my new entertainment dresser. The top drawer drops down on a hinge to reveal our electronics. The paint job isn't as good as I would have liked, but I'm pretty easy to please and don't really have the drive needed to make all my projects perfect. So excited it's done! Christian is saving up for a projector. As soon as he gets one, we're saying bye-bye to Uncle Bud's TV and hello to the big white wall behind it!

I need to find my mom's picture of the original. Huge difference.

4. Yesterday I was running out the door to catch the train (my morning ritual) and caught a glance of myself in the mirror by the door. I exclaimed to Christian, "I look like catsup and mustard!!!" But I didn't have time to run back into my room to grab something else. So I looked like a hot dog all day.

All American, indeed.

5. I got out my Halloween decorations the other day. I have two. And I love them both.

My mom gave me this witch last year. I love it so much!

Just got this with my mom last week. It's an UglyDoll bat! Doesn't get much better than this.

6. A washer and dryer! Although the circumstances under which we are receiving this washer and dryer are less than ideal, it's still exciting to have them. We have to get the dryer fixed (it's the one on top with the blanket holding the drum in place for the ride to our house), but we don't mind. Can't wait to start doing laundry in our very own laundry room!

Yeah, the dryer needs some work...

7. No pictures of this, but Dianna just a second job (or maybe I should say third considering all the babysitting she does) working 8-hours-a-week at the ballet studio where she takes classes, and not only are they going to pay her for her work, but they are going to let her take all of her classes for free on top of it!! That's like $300 a month! What a huge blessing for her. That deserves to make my update list. Go Dianna!

So that's the latest update in the Mauer household. Not to mention I think I'm getting high off second-hand marijuana smoke drifting in from my neighbor's balcony. ;)


The Wades said...

love it molly!! just love it. congrats on that beautiful dress and the home you are building. we are going to miss you guys!!

LJ said...

Congrats! It's all so awesome~! And hurray for D getting to work at the ballet studio, that's sweet! Can't wait to see the pics.

KaylynnCallister said...

Molly, your dress is awesome!!!! Good job! I think I may need to comission you at some point...

veeda said...

I am so impressed with the new and improved dress. And yay for the ugly doll! Mei wants one very badly.