Thursday, October 25, 2007

random thursday thoughts

Random Thursday thoughts from Molly (jotted down during much needed breaks from working):

1. We should all be outside today. The weather is perfect. Not hot. Not cold. Perfect Autumn weather. Why do we have to spend so much of our lives indoors??

2. I eat low sodium cottage cheese mixed with yogurt or fruit. Super yummy. But today I bought yogurt and cottage cheese from the deli here at work. It's not low sodium, and it tastes like someone poured salt water all over my sweet snack. Disgusting.

3. It's amazing how long I will sit at my desk having to go pee... just because I don't want to walk 30 feet to the bathroom.

4. Much better.

5. This morning I missed my train, because I was at home fixing my bike seat when I should have been rushing off to the train. And then by the time I got to Stanford, it had loosened up again. So I had to sit down at the train station and re-do the whole thing. I'd say I'm a pro now, but the fact that I had to do it twice clearly shows that I'm not a pro.

6. I don't have a Halloween Costume. And I don't have a Halloween Party. It's a sad, sad year. I don't exactly have time to make a costume anyway, so I guess it's a good thing. For the first time in 5 or 6 years I'm actually going to get a full week's worth of sleep leading up to Halloween. Yay!

7. Tyler gave Richard a ride home from the young men/young women activity last night. Thanks, Tyler! You're the best!

8. When Meghan found out that I know Lenessa (whose name came up on the way to seminary, because I asked Richard if Lenessa was at the activity), Meghan tried to convince me that I should go to Girls Camp this coming summer. If I wasn't taking a week off in June for the AidsLifeCycle, a few days off (hopefully!) for Deirdre's wedding in Hawaii in July, and a few days off for a family reunion in Oregon at the end of July (oh yeah, siblings--Dad mentioned a Carter reunion for the end of July), I might actually consider going to girl's camp. Especially when Meghan mentioned that I should go on the 18-mile hike! But would I really want to spend a week with a bunch of teenage girls singing camp songs? Not so sure about that.

9. The fact that it's Thursday once again just reminded me -- What was with Comcast last Thursday?? At about 8:45pm, all the stations had the same audio (some boring interview). So we had to watch the last 15 minutes of Survivor with no audio! Rude! So then we didn't even get to watch The Office, because only a few stations got their audio back. Let's hope this doesn't happen again tonight.

10. I've written a blog about the Nike Women's Half Marathon we ran this past Sunday. But I have to put pictures and everything in. That takes a while. It's coming soon. Maybe tomorrow. No, tomorrow is busy. Maybe over the weekend.

11. One more day til the weekend. One more day.


LJ said...

Meghan is very cute. Didn't she do the 4th year hike last year? I was at the activity, it was out of this world! I'll drive Baby Mauer home any time you need. :)

Ashley said...

We aren't doing Halloween costumes this year either, weird and sad. And oh yes we are planning on the Carter family reunion--did we just miss the one where we don't know anyone? I hope so. :)