Wednesday, October 31, 2007

mad mad mad mad MAD

Ok, I lied. One post this week. Then I'm on hold til next week. But this couldn't wait. I'm MAD. Last night we decided last minute to go to the track and run a little. Turns out you can't feel a 5.6-magnitute earthquake while jogging around a track.

Why would this make me mad? I'm one of those true blue native Californians who love love love earthquakes. I find them so fascinating. I mean, when else in your life do you get to feel something so powerful that the ground under your feet moves on its own? The only earthquake that has ever actually scared me was the '89 earthquake (yeah, it was pretty big and I was 8 years old). Growing up in Hollister we felt our fair share of earthquakes. The shell mobile (it wasn't a mobile, but I can't remember what those hangy things are called right now) in our room would swing back and forth. Our parakeets would go crazy. The house would rattle. And I would sit there as still as I could in order to feel every movement.

Most earthquakes start out jerky and shaky and then start rolling smoothly if they are big enough.

I haven't felt an earthquake since before college. There was an earthquake a couple years ago, but I was walking around our office and didn't feel it. (WHAT THE HECK?!) For the last year I've been telling people that I really want to feel an earthquake, because I miss them. And just last weekend I was telling someone that I hoped there would be an earthquake soon.

So last night on the way home from the track, I talked to Christian on the phone and he proceeded to tell me all about this earthquake and how fun it was. Everyone is talking about it. It's on the TV. It's on the radio. My co-workers are talking about it.

Is this my reward for working out?? Bleh.

Oh, and to top it off, I was so annoyed last night about missing the earthquake that I decided to take a bath. But 5 minutes into my bath, Christian came in and told me I had to get out right away because water was leaking in the apartment below us. Blasted crappy apartment complex!

Good thing today is Halloween. At least that makes me feel an eensy bit better.

Anyone up for an aftershock? I could really use one.


Ashley said...

You are a madwoman! I was terrified! I thought we were all goners. How have you lost 2 pounds with all the Halloween candy around?!?!

Tyler said...

Funny. While reading your post on earthquakes I just felt a pretty good sized aftershock. Hope you didn't miss that one too.

Jenni said...

If you love earthquakes, then you need to read "A Crack in the Edge of the World" by Simon Winchester. It's fascinating! And I'm sorry you missed the earthquake. It was awesome!

Mer said...

Funny you should mention this because I kind of miss the excitement of earthquakes too. When I was in Hollister there was one during church once, which was pretty cool (I say "cool" because I guess I thought that since we were at church we would be safe). They say Utah is due for a pretty big one sometime soon. I don't think we're as prepared here as they are out in California.