Monday, October 22, 2007

i love target

On Saturday night, Christian and I drove Richard and his friend, Meghan, to a youth church dance in Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill is a little over a half-hour away. We weren't about to make the hour-long round trip just to turn around and do it again. So we decided to waste from 9-11pm in Morgan Hill.

We had this great idea to catch a movie. Only there was nothing good playing at the theater. I had this great idea to go get ice cream, but dinner at Buca di Beppo with friends in Palo Alto left us too full. We could have gone to the haunted house and corn maze in Hollister, but that was a half hour away and would have been the equivalent of driving back to our house.

So what did we do?

We went to Target! We're normally in a hurry when we go to Target. We normally have an agenda and a list of things we're looking for. But this time, we were free as free can be. So we moseyed on over to the brand spankin' new Target off the Cochran Exit. It was great.

I spent almost the whole time looking for clothes on the clearance racks. I don't like work clothes. I go to work in jeans as much as possible. I'd much rather just be comfortable. I'd dress up a little in skirts (which I also love), but riding a bike on cold mornings doesn't exactly mesh well with cute skirts. So it practically kills me to buy work clothes. Who wants to spend money on something they don't want to wear? I refuse. So Christian and I walked around the clearance rack, and (now keep in mind this NEVER happens to me) I found 5 pairs of work-worthy pants and capris all for $5 or $6 each! I now have enough boring stuff to wear to work and it only cost me about $30!

I love Target!

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Jenni said...

I also love Target. . .way too much! I need to not go in there because I need to not spend money!