Monday, October 15, 2007

5 1/2 weeks

I am quite comfortable with my body. I would say my body is a pretty average build and average size, and I'm pretty average looking (and not in a negative way). I consider myself an athlete (running, biking, and swimming--but don't expect me to do anything that requires more coordination than that).

I try to eat healthy foods, but I'm a sucker for anything sugary. Last year I lost almost 20 pounds by cutting portion sizes, exercising almost every day (and some days twice), and paying attention to my net calories. I have never been fat. I have never considered myself fat, even at my highest weight. After I got married, I gained about ten pounds. It was a subtle weight gain that even I barely noticed. But let me show you. Here is a photo of me at my highest weight and lowest weight:

Ok, ok. You caught me. I picked the worst bad picture and the best good picture. But isn't that half the fun of before and after photos?

I'm not a nutritionist by any means (although I'd like to be), but I had a pretty good little system going. Last year I was being very healthy and my body knew it.

So I know you're all asking what exactly the point of this blog is. Well let me tell you. Since January, I have gained back 6 of the 20 pounds that I lost. You might say that 6 pounds is not very much. I agree. It's not. But I believe that maintaining a healthy weight means taking action early. That means losing the 6 pounds before they turn into 10.

So today I begin my Get-Back-Into-Tip-Top-Shape challenge. Yesterday was my birthday. I ran a half marathon, I took a wonderfully long nap, and I had cheesecake, peppermint ice cream, sparkling cider, and cupcakes for my birthday dessert. Yep--I went out with a bang!

But today I start new. Eating healthy, exercising every day, and recording my net calories. This is the key for me. Some days I eat way too much, and other days (ie when I run over 10 miles) my net calories sometimes end up way below healthy levels. Healthy eating means eating enough just as much as it means not eating too much.

There are approximately 5 1/2 weeks between now and Thanksgiving. My goal is to eat healthy foods, maintain healthy calorie levels, train hard (speed work, hills, power yoga, cycling, 16-, 18-, and 20-milers), lose 1 pound per week, and by Thanksgiving, I should be back at my ideal weight and fitness level, and ready to run the Cal International Marathon a week later.

Back to my original point. I am quite comforable with my body. I don't mind people knowing what my pant size is, how much I weigh, or what the circumference of my booty is. So to keep myself motivated, I will post my stats every day, including what I did well that day and in what ways what I can improve.

Besides, there's a really cute pair of jeans in my closet that I haven't worn since February. And they're calling my name.


LJ said...

you are a hot girlie, that's for sure. I need you to get me in shape too please. I have no idea where to start!

Tyler said...

Molly, those before and after pictures are simply amazing. The crazy thing is that I remember exactly when that happened. I stopped by your place one day and wham, you were skinny.

I think it's cool.

Molly said...

Yeah, the funny thing is that it actually took a total of about 5 or 6 months, but no one really noticed until the last month. It was the last 5 pounds that really made it obvious. Wierd, huh?