Friday, October 12, 2007


Nothing will make you feel old faster than hanging out with an 18-year-old and a 16-year-old. Let's talk about the 16-year-old.

Ahhh, high school. What a fun and simultaneously horrible time. Richard seems to be enjoying it. I mean, who wouldn't if they had his social group? He hangs out with 20 "Naughties." At least that's what we refer to them as. No, we don't mean naughty in the traditional sense. It's just that Richard hangs out with a bunch of hot girls who are also smart and into school. Nerdies + hotties = naughties. (We could spell it "notties," but what fun would that be?)

So Richard picked one of his naughties and asked her to Homecoming. I hear she's a really nice girl (through trustworthy sources). So of course, Richard has to get an outfit that matches her dress. Christian took him shopping this week. What a great big brother! Well, that was my impression until I realized Christian volunteered me to take Richard shopping a second time, because, in Christian's words, he doesn't know how to shop for other people -- just himself. Silly Christian.

So last night was absolutely insane. After getting home at 7:20, showering, trying to figure out how to record Survivor and the Office on an old "Look Who's Talking Now" VHS while we were gone, and taking Christian's wallet to him at San Jose State so he could get his car out of the parking garage after class, I made it to Nordstrom Rack with Richard 20 minutes before it closed.

Problem #1: His date's dress is brown and pink. I'm not a fashion guru, but I do know that brown and pink are not in this season. They were in like a year ago. The colors for this Fall are black and gray. Try finding brown or pink dress shirts or brown or pink ties right now. It's impossible.

So we went to Target (Target to the rescue -- as always!) and found this shirt:
It looks better in person. And the guy in this picture looks like a dork, which is a little distracting.

So we made it home with something for him to wear. Phew!

Problem #2: Richard doesn't know how to dance. You can't ask a girl to a dance and then stand there the whole time! So we had a little dance party in our living room last night. Dianna and I were having a ton of fun. Richard was laying on the floor refusing to dance. So I told him he either had to dance right then or after Christian came home. That did the trick. He danced for a couple minutes and then cemented his butt to the couch and refused to move. So Dianna and I kept dancing.

Problem #3: None of his naughties know how to dance either! Last time Richard went to a dance, he came home and told us he doesn't like school dances, because all people do is "rub up on each other." (And he gave us a very amusing demonstration.) So last night I said that if you don't know how to dance alone, then you don't know how to dance. We actually found out from another of Richard's naughties that the only thing they know how to do is freak (Translation for anyone who for some strange reason doesn't know--rub up on each other--is there a new way to say that? Grind? Do I sound really old?) as a big group of girls and that they don't know what to do otherwise. Translation: not even the girls he hangs out with know how to dance!! Does no one know how to get their groove on to a little hip-hop music without freaking?? Give me some hip-hop (and I mean good hip-hop, none of this hifi crap--keep an eye out for a blog about hifi crap coming soon) and I can dance by myself for hours. Even before I was married, if I were at a club and a guy tried to dance with me, I almost always pushed him away (well, unless he was really really cute). I don't go to clubs to freak. I go to dance. There is a difference. And it makes me sad that none of these girls know how to dance.

My humble opinion? A little freaking never hurt anyone. But only if you can prove first that you really know how to dance.

Feel the rhythm, ladies. Feel the rhythm. Oh, and you too, Richard.


LJ said...

Who is he going with???? Email me!
Love the naughties, and miss our dance parties!

Veronica said...

Oh how I miss the days of dancing!! Those after dance dance parties were amazing. If I were in CA right now I would have Richard get some of the girls together and I would teach them how to dance and yes, a little belly dancing would be involved. How can you dance at all with out a little belly dance?!?! Glad the shirt worked out for it up dude.