Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fitness update: day 6

Fitness Update
Date 10-20-07 (Day 6 - Saturday)
Weight 130
Calories in 1780
Calories burned (exercise) 0
Net calories 1780
Water intake no idea
Exercise summary Didn't run since it was the day before a race. Really wanted to, since it was such a beautiful morning. Next time I think I'll do a couple miles anyway.
Did well I ate relatively healthy throughout the day.
Need to improve Could have done without so much bread at dinner. Don't let Christian buy big bags of chocolate at Target, because I end up eating most of it...
Comments Ended up eating about 500 calories over my goal, because we went out to dinner with running buddies in preparation for the Nike Women's Half marathon. Problem--could have cut out 300 calories by only having a little bit of bread at dinner and another 200 by not eating Christian's chocolates.

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