Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fitness update: day 5

Fitness Update
Date 10-19-07 (Day 5 - Friday)
Weight 129
Calories in 1920
Calories burned (exercise) 475
Net calories 1445
Water intake 35 oz
Exercise summary 4-mile run in the morning
Did well Ran my 4 miles 2 minutes faster than Thursday morning.
Need to improve Um, I think I shouldn't eat ice cream cake and a bowl of ice cream all in one night...
Comments I tutor a nanny from Japan. At our tutoring session on Friday, the family was having a birthday dinner for their 3-year-old, so they brought us ice cream cake. No problem since I was at 129 pounds before I should have been. Only on the way home I found out we were going to the Derby's for Amber India, which was followed by peppermint ice cream. How could I resist? So much for healthy eating on Friday.

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