Friday, October 19, 2007

fitness update: day 3

Fitness Update
Date 10-17-07 (Day 3 - Wednesday)
Weight 130
Calories in 1615
Calories burned (exercise) 150
Net calories 1465
Water intake 20 oz
Exercise summary Power yoga and sit-ups in the morning
Did well Ate dinner after class even though I was at my calorie goal already. See below. More worth it to go over calorie limit to eat something healthy than to just rely on junk food calories.
Need to improve Definitely didn't drink enough water. Bring enough food to eat between work and Wednesday night class.
Comments Stomach has been grumbling for a few days now--not out of hunger and not from an upset stomach. Just rumbling and grumbling. Kind of amusing. Net calories a little higher than I wanted, but my train was 20 minutes late after work, which made me late to class. Didn't have time to grab a real dinner before class. Relied on sponge cake (our class treat that night) for dinner, which left me hungry after class, so I ate real food when I got home. Sponge cake was 310 calories. Would have hit my calorie goal if I had brought my own food and was able to have a real dinner between work and class. (But the cake was really yummy!)

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