Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fitness update: day 2

Fitness Update
Date 10-16-07 (Day 2)
Weight 131
Calories in 1845
Calories burned (exercise) 550
Net calories 1295
Water intake 25 oz
Exercise summary Power Yoga in the morning (45 minutes), track workout at night (45 minutes - speed and ab work)
Did well Got two great workouts in. Stretched. Stopped at Togos for extra food on the way to tutoring when I realized my calories were going to be too low.
Need to improve Need to drink more water.
Comments Calories were just about where they should be. Track workout was great -- chatted it up with Erica and Richard. Discovered a power yoga class on TV that I can do every morning when I get home from taking Richard and Meghan to seminary. Now I look forward to yoga on the way home instead of getting back in bed!


Julie and Lenny said...

Do you factor in that you burn calories just by walking to the office or class or whatever? i think that would mean you are eating less than 1295....not sure though.

Molly said...

Exactly. So to maintain my weight, I would need to eat 1600 calories, which my body burns doing basic things like breathing, sitting around, slow walking, etc. So those cancel each other out (calories in = calories out to maintain weight). So if I want to lose weight, calories in have to be less than calories out. So 1295 - 1600 = -305. I just don't set up the equation like that. Does that make any sense? Hmmm. I might have to make a whole post about this. Even if no one cares, I find it so interesting...

Dennis & Jenna said...

Wow Molly! I need to be die hard like this so I can lose my baby weight! How tall are you?

Molly said...

I'm 5'6'', which gives me a BMI of 21. I'll be at a BMI of 20 when I get to 125 pounds, both of which are in the "healthy" category. :)