Friday, October 19, 2007

fitness update: day 4

Fitness Update
Date 10-18-07 (Day 4 - Thursday)
Weight 130
Calories in 2025
Calories burned (exercise) 595
Net calories 1430
Water intake 35 oz
Exercise summary 4-mile run in the morning, sit-ups
Did well Followed through with my plan to run in the morning, because I knew I would be eating a lot during the day.
Need to improve Should have skipped the huge cookie in my box-dinner. But it was just staring at me. :)
Comments Yesterday at work we had a huge pasta bar for a lunch meeting (pasta, sauce, salad, dressing, garlic bread, cookie--which I resisted) and box dinners at an evening meeting (veggie wrap, pasta salad, fruit salad, cookie--which I ate). How did I know I'd be eating a ton today at work? I set up all the catering orders. Food, food, and more food.

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