Thursday, September 6, 2007

wants and needs

Wants versus needs. I rarely need anything, but I always want everything. I have what I need. I have no reason to complain about anything in my life. But that doesn't mean I can't dream, right?

A while back, Ashley mentioned in one of her posts that when she posts something she wants, her mom sometimes ends up getting it for her as a surprise. Maybe I'll give it a try. Maybe her mom will buy all these things for me!

Panniers for my bike. Small panniers, though. Just so I can hang them over my rack when I'm riding, and throw them over my shoulder when I'm walking. My shoulder bag gets quite full and heavy with running stuff, school books, food, work clothes, or whatever I happen to be lugging around that day.

Waterproof jacket and pants for riding on those rainy days. Of course, the goal would be to have non-bulky jacket and pants that I could roll up and leave in the bottom of the panniers for those days when Mother Nature feels like throwing a rain storm at me while I sit unsuspecting in my windowless cubicle.

A nice, bright, powerful headlight for my bike. This may actually qualify as a need since I'm often riding in the dark. The lights I have make me visible, but they're still not bright enough to light up the road in front of me, which would be a nice thing when there's a branch or pothole waiting to jump out at me in the dark.

A cyclometer for my bike. With cadence. Now that I have a road bike again, I am just dying to ride it everwhere. And dying to ride it fast. There's just something amazing about flying down a hill on a road bike. Granted, my "flying" is incredibly slow compared to most cyclers, but it's still fast for me. When I rode with Ashley (sister Ashley, not to be confused with sister-in-law Ashley), I kept asking her, "How fast are we going?" This way I would know.

A GPS for running. Wouldn't that be fun? I could just go run and not have to map out a route. And I could make sure I'm keeping the right pace when I'm trying to increase my speed. That would be nice.

In fact, while I'm at it, why not add a GPS for my bike?

Scuba diving trip in Monterey Bay. The thought of it scares me to death and sounds SO amazing at the same time. Cold, but amazing. Kelp forests, anyone?

An underwater scuba camera with flash. Did you know that as light is filtered out through the water, everything starts to look one color? When you get down deep, everything looks kind of grayish-brownish. The color is there. We just can't see it. But if you take pictures with flash, you'll see the color. Or I could just get a big headlamp. But I don't think our scuba guide would go for that.

A trip to Thailand. Today it's Thailand. Tomorrow I'll want to go to Ecuador. The day after that I'll want to go to Fiji. And then probably Alaska. But today I want to go to Thailand.

Looks like I might need a third job.


LJ said...

Please get a lamp or I'll have to get one for you! That is a definite NEED. Also, I need to go scuba diving, and get a scuba camera, and then go to Thailand too! No wonder we're such good friends!

The Wades said...

i feel a birthday coming in october! :) and a graduation next year ... jona bought the garmin watch for me for graduation and my uncle john yelled at him for getting me such an unromantic gift (his idea was a tiffany necklace or something, blah!) i love it ... if only christian would read this comment!!

Molly said...

Yep. I would take a Garmin over a Tiffany necklace any day. My idea of romantic is Christian joining me for a bike ride. And I hadn't even thought about a graduation gift. What a good idea!

Ashley said...

Hilarious about my mom--I will have to direct her to your blog! Your wishlist makes you look like a very very very active person. I guess that's because you are. I on the other hand would prefer the necklace. . . Tyler, are you out there?

Brody said...

molly-- i probably have some older paniers you could HAVE, if you want them. let me know! i'll have to look around to see if i still have them, but i'm pretty sure i do. they're larger, and not the nicest things to look at, but they're free...

Tyler said...

Ashley, yes, I am out here. I would totally get you a necklace, but I'm saving up for a trip to Italy and a minivan.

Fun list Molly. I'll check into getting you the Garmin stuff for your birthday, right after I get Ashley a minivan for our 3rd child.

And, no, we aren't expecting twins.

Veronica said...

Thailand!! Josh's job has Thailand on the list of possible vacations that we could win. If we go I will take a lot of pictures so when you see them it will feel like you are there.