Friday, September 28, 2007

money money money money

So I got in the car this morning to drive to work (yes, I decided today was a driving day--no bike), and Christian's talk radio show was on. Since I'm just plain too lazy to change the station, I listened to it all the way to work. To share the wealth, here are the two most interesting things I heard today:

The hosts were reading some of the stories that people shared (actually, some other program collected the stories, but I wasn't paying attention that well) about frugal people they know or have met in their lives. The most interesting story was from a bank teller regarding an old homeless woman.
Let's pretend the homeless lady looked like this.

So this old homeless lady walked in, handed the teller a small bag and asked the teller to deposit it in her account. The teller counted up about $23 in crumpled ones and coins. She then deposited it into the lady's account.... which had a balance of about $1.2 million. Is this a true story? I have no idea. But I don't doubt that it's possible. The most interesting part of the story was the discussion that followed about psychiatric disorders that can lead people to become so incredibly frugal that they ruin their quality of living just because they can't convince themselves to spend any money. It kind of makes you wonder how many people this affects. I wouldn't doubt that there are some homeless people out there in this situation. I'll bet it's incredibly rare, but I don't doubt the possibility. The mind is an amazing thing and people do amazing things when the mind takes a wrong turn.

Second story. Also not sure if it's true, but I don't doubt it has happened. A guy called in to the radio station and told the following story. He was working as a taxi driver on a night shift.
Let's pretend the taxi looked like this.

Sitting at the airport, hoping to take someone into the city-center (fetching a nice $35 fare), he was quite disappointed when a very very drunk business man got in the taxi and said he needed to go to a certain hotel... only a couple miles away. The taxi driver was pretty disappointed, but couldn't say no. So when they got to the hotel, the drunk guy asked how much he owed. Annoyed, the taxi driver said, "It's on the meter. $7." So the drunk guy counts out seven bills and hands them to the driver. As the guy was getting out of the cab, the driver looked down and noticed the drunk business man had handed him seven $100 bills. So what did the taxi driver do? He said, "What? No tip?" Not realizing they weren't one-dollar bills, the drunk guy proceeded to pull out two more "ones" for a grand total of $900. The taxi driver, figuring the guy wouldn't even remember how he got home when he woke up the next morning, took the cash, went home, and went to bed. Granted, that was pretty dishonest of the taxi driver, but on the other hand, that's what you get for getting completely drunk while carrying that much cash, right?

Like I said, not sure if either of these stories is true, but I'm going to pretend they are. It's more amusing that way. :)

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Veronica said...

I wish I was the taxi driver that night. I could use $900. Granted I don't think I could have accepted it but it is nice to think of someone just handing you that kind of money. I believe that story could be true. I have a hard time giving money to people on the streets because I was talking to my mother one day and there was a story on the news about a man who held a sign at one of those freeway exits and earned enough money to buy a house outright for his family. This was in SJ and we know how pricey homes are in the Bay Area. CRAZY!!!