Wednesday, August 15, 2007

stop and smell the pedals

As you know, I am a bike commuter. My typical day is as follows: bike, train, bike, work, bike, train, bike, home (or bike, train, bike, work, bike, school, bike, train, bike, home). Biking has it's ups and downs, it's highs and lows, it's pros and cons. It's a love-hate relationship. Here's why:

1) Bike + legs + (Caltrain pass from work) = free-ninety-free
2) I'm helping the environment.
3) It's nice to have some "outside" time during my day.
4) I get to exercise even on days when I don't have time to exercise.
5) Lots of guys try to pick up on me on the train. (It's flattering.)
6) Guys on the train really like my calves. (I know because they tell me.)

7) I get to ride through Stanford campus and enjoy the trees, grass, flowers, dogs, squirrels, and birds.

8) I noticed a bolt was loose on my bike and the guy next to me immediatly pulled out a wrench and fixed it!
9) Riding to work in high heels.
10) Not having to drive (I hate driving.)
11) Getting to run out of work with the excuse, "Sorry! I have to go or I'll miss my train!"
12) Gas prices.
12) Riding all the way home on nice days. (It's only 6 miles.)
13) Getting to watch a female train conductor stand her ground, kick a guy off the train, and call the cops on him. He totally deserved it.

1) Bike + legs + sun = sweat
2) Sweating on hot mornings and freezing on cold mornings.
3) Sometimes the weather man lies and you end up riding home in the rain in a short-sleeve shirt.
4) Missing the train by 10 seconds.
5) Having to wait for late trains.
6) Getting to the train station only to learn that the train will be 2 hours late because another train hit a person.
7) Lots of wierd people like to talk to me on the train.
8) Most of the guys who ask me out on the train are really wierd.
9) Guys on the train really like my calves. (Scary!)
10) Countless bruises and scrapes on my legs from taking my bike out of the closet, down the stairs, onto the train, off the train, into work, out of work, onto the train, off the train, up my stairs, and back in the closet.
11) I have to ride through Stanford campus and put up with clueless bikers, drivers, pedestrians, dogs, squirrels, grasshoppers who karate kick you in the forehead, and flying caterpillars.

12) Getting stuff in your eyes. (Aren't sunglasses supposed to prevent that??)
13) Getting turned away because the bike car on the train (yeah, there's usually only one) is too full.
14) Swerving off the bike path into a patch of mud while talking on the phone.
15) Getting my precious bike stolen.

16) Breathing exhaust while riding through downtown San Jose to my classes.
17) Getting honked at because I'm sharing the road.

Yet somehow the pros still outweigh the cons. Bike on, friends.


Mer said...

I wish I lived somewhere where I could bike to get somewhere or anywhere for that matter (that isn't like 50 miles away!!). Pretty much if I bike anywhere around my house all I see are calves (and they have nothing to do with legs). Keep up the biking--you're awesome!

Ashley said...

So funny about the freaky guys on the train hitting on you. What does Christian think?

Molly said...

He says they comment on my calves but they're really checking out my butt. I love my husband.

Veronica said...

Molly, I love you husband too just in a different way. I think it is awesome you bike all the time. One day I will get another bike and I will take Savannah on little adventures. I think she will like that. I know you know but sometimes you just need to be mean to the yucky men hitting on you. I don't know what I would do if one was a sex offender and tried to get you. Just a few weeks ago it was found out that a little girl at Jack's school was being sexually abused by her neighbor. It is such a sad thing. I get angry when I hear things that like.