Thursday, August 2, 2007

my new life plan

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? And right about now, that green grass is calling my name. Here's my new life plan (most likely to change within a year as it always does):

1) Finish my MA TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language)
2) Teach community adult ESL classes part time
3) Have a baby
4) Get an MA in Nutrition and Dietetics
5) Get a Personal Trainer certificate
6) Have another baby
7) Work as a personal trainer and nutritionist (discount for friends, charge a fortune for everyone else)
8) Help develop family and school nutrition and exercise programs
9) Have another baby
10) Teach free ESL classes (maybe only one class a week) on the side

So when I told Christian this plan, I said, "So do you think I can do it?"
His response was "Yes."
And then he said, "But that just means I'll have to stay home with the kids."
Wait, that was never part of my plan...

Ammendment to my plan. #11: Be a stay-at-home mom while doing all this on the side.

Is that even possible? Any suggestions on how to do all of this and have Christian working full time and take care of our own kids?


The Wades said...

nanny!!! ;)

Mer said...

Yep...get a nanny and send 'em to boarding school! I'm in the same boat: how do I remain a full-time artist, and have a "real" job, and have a family, and get the other 2 degrees in art history and spanish that I want to get when I'm done with this crazy MFA!? Hmmm, I know it's possible. The girl I share a studio with totally does it. I'll ask her the secret.

Molly said...

Hahaha. Love the boarding school idea. I don't think I could handle that. Even the idea of a nanny makes me cringe (and I was one!). So when you find out the secret, let me know. Glad to see I'm not the only crazy one!

Ashley said...

Wow you have a lot planned out! My only advice is to roll with it one step at a time. You know what they say: Man plans, God laughs. As for nannies, Tyler knows he can make me mad by suggesting I need a nanny when I don't work. A maid and cook, yes! A nanny, no!

Molly said...

So true, Ashley. Only in my case it's "Woman plans, Woman laughs at herself." I can't take myself too seriously considering my where-do-you-see-yourself-in-10-years plan drastically changes every 6-12 months. :)

Lenessa said...

Plans were made to change. That's what they're for. :)

Lenessa said...

Plans were made to change. That's what they're for. :) Your plans sound AWESOME.

Veronica said...

I made plans before Savannah. Just to name a few: travel the world, start a charity, finish my education, buy a house, the list goes on. Then she finally came and now I am lucky if I can plan a date to get out of the house or be successfull at teaching her how to go to sleep. I make due. I am not sorry about anything or the thought of not crossing goals and dreams off my list. My goals and perspective are changing. I will meet some of my goals, the ones I have dreamed about so long that it wouldn't make sence not to meet, but others I can let go and be more happy focusing on my family. I know you will stay at home with your future kids and you will be amazing at it! I would just like to add for the record, Christian would be a great stay at home dad.