Monday, August 13, 2007

i am lucky

I am lucky. I always have been. Good things happen to me. Or maybe I'm just always happy with what happens to me, so it ends up being a good thing. Not sure which one it is.

Having teenagers move in with us could potentially be a disaster. I would imagine that most teenagers are quite the handful. But for now, it looks like it's going to be a very positive thing. Just more proof that I'm a very lucky person.

1) Richard is excited to train for triathlons with me. I'll have a live-in workout buddy.

2) Dianna wants to do pilates with me on a regular basis.

3) When I asked Richard if he wanted to do push-ups together every night, he said, "Absolutely."

4) Richard wants to be a chef and is very excited to try out his new recipes. Can you say live-in-chef?

5) Richard genuinely wants to bring his grades up and is ready and eager to change his study habits.

6) Richard actually asked me if it's ok for him to take an extra period at school. (At LAHS you have the option of taking "0" period in the morning before the normal schedule.) I don't know that he'll need to, but it's impressive that he's willing to voluntarily sign up for more time at school.

7) Dianna is excited that I'll cut her hair whenever she wants. If you know me, you know this is super fun for me. We chopped it off on Saturday. It's my first pixie attempt ever, and she looks pretty cute. (Pictures to follow as soon as I find my camera cable.)

8) Richard just asked if I would cut his hair, too. Fun!

9) Richard and Dianna get long really well.

10) Richard and Dianna get along with Christian really well.

11) Dianna listens to church music and not just on Sundays. She listens to other music, too, but it's nice to hear her church music, because it brings the spirit into our home.

12) We are going to start having family home evening.

13) We eat together as a family and pray before our meals.

14) We now get to church early and have some time to listen to prelude music.

What could be a disaster is looking like a blessing. Why am I so lucky?


Ashley said...

I'm so glad! And I can't believe you gave someone a pixie cut! Now that's trust.

ryan, maren and leah said...

that made me smile. can't wait to meet them.

Veronica said...

I sure wish I was there to share in your new luck. Instead I watch from two states away. I always imagined that if for some reason Dianna and Richard were going to move in with Chrisitan or I it would be me. I was very wrong. When it comes to imagination vs. reality, reality always wins.