Tuesday, August 7, 2007

complain complain complain

I guess I'm in a complaining mood. I'm getting easily annoyed with my co-workers today. Every little question is bugging me. Why? Because they are all so obvious!! Let's take John Doe for an example.

JOHN: "Molly, do you know where Jane is today?" (PS--I work NEXT TO "Jane," but not necessarily WITH Jane.)
ME: "No, John, have you looked at her whiteboard?"
JOHN: "Oh, she has a whiteboard?" (Duh! It's only ON HER CUBICLE and HAS BEEN THERE FOR A YEAR!!)
JOHN: "Oh, it says she's telecommuting. So I guess I should send her an email?"
ME: "That's probably a good idea." (Did I really have to tell you that?)
JOHN: "Do you have some secret phone number for her?"
ME: "No, I don't." (I probably do, but if she didn't write it on her board, then she doesn't want you calling her personal phone!!)

Honestly, people. I don't have the patience for that. Use your eyes. If she's not at her desk, then look around and see if she left a note.

It gets better.

My boss is very concerned that someone always be available to answer my department's phone. That's completely understandable. But let me tell you something. I can sit at my desk for literally 4 hours straight, and the phone won't ring AT ALL. Then I get up to go make myself a sandwich, come back, and there's a message. Tell me. How exactly do you suggest that I avoid that? And what in the world is voicemail for?? IT'S FOR TAKING MY MESSAGES WHILE I'M AWAY FROM MY DESK! Then she suggested that my co-worker "Bob" and I coordinate our time so that one of us is always here to answer our phones. First of all, I'm not going to call him every time I leave my desk to go the bathroom, fill my water bottle, or walk around the corner to drop off papers. And I certainly don't want to know every time he goes to the bathroom. Secondly, we sit nowhere near each other. His line shows up on my phone, but my line does not show up on his.

My solution: Put on my voicemail that I'm either on the other line or temporarily away from my desk and to PLEASE leave a message or call Bob or my cell phone if it's an emergency (considering any time I'm away from my desk for more than 10 minutes, I have my cell phone with me). That way if it's not urgent, I'll call them back. If it is urgent, they'll get ahold of me right away. (PS--I do this when I'm away for the day or on vacation and I RARELY get an urgent call.)

Her solution: We don't want people calling your cell phone. That will use up your minutes. Why don't we only list Bob's number and he can answer all the calls, forward your calls on to you, and take messages for you if you aren't there?

What?? Are you serious?? Doesn't that create more work?? Doesn't Bob have enough to do? And isn't that what voicemail is for??

WOW. All I can say is WOW.

Oh, and I've been sitting here for an hour. No phone calls. I am going to make myself a sandwich. My phone will probably ring. And my voicemail will pick up. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?


The Wades said...

ha! i am going to call you right now ... :) AMEN, MOLLY!

Julie and Lenny said...

I totally understand. Wireless headset. Then you can answer the phone while you're peeing!

Mer said...

Ha! That is great. Good thing my degree will never enable me to have a job where I have to answer the phone...

Veronica said...

I don't miss office drama at all. Thank heaven for babies and being a stay at home mom!! YEAH! Molly, someday you will have your turn and you will be glad that you will never have to go back.