Monday, August 20, 2007

catch up

I finally found the cable for my camera. We lost it in the move and I just found it in my trunk. So I'm going to play catch-up for July and August all in one post. Enjoy!

Tahoe was wonderful. As much as I wanted to jump off the pier, Christian refused to do it with me. So we didn't. But next time I'm definitely going in the water.

Sugar Pine State Park

I'm not quite sure why Christian wouldn't go in the water.

Hanging out in Hollister:

I swear we didn't set this up. Smokey set up this photo opp all on his own.

Charlie chewing on a pear apple fresh off the tree.

Grandma Bernice playing badminton while our cousin-in-law Jennifer and the great grand kids played on the lawn.

Christian looking super cute.

Cousins Tim and Jennifer. Somehow I didn't get a picture of Pam and Steve!

A great photo of Aunt Sally!

Ivan and Diego!

Ashley and Diego!

Amy playing horseshoes.

Christian playing Mr. Fix-It and making lots of much-needed repairs in our new apartment:

Fixing the toilet.

Fixing the showerhead.

Grinding down the top of the back bathroom door so it would actually close.

Surprising me with the bookcase he found on the side of the road. He even put up all the books before I got home! Side note: I actually walked by this bookcase 3 times before I noticed it was there. I am so observant!

Visits to Molly's Salon:

Dianna's "before" shots.

And after!

Rich before. Shaggy shaggy.

Rich with a mullet. I can't figure out why he didn't want me to leave it this way...

Rich after! Note to readers: This haircut was meant purely for dying blue and spiking purposes, so it did not have to be perfect. He has since decided it's good enough and left it this way. Only now it's a brownish-greenish-blueish color. A trip to Molly's Hair Color Salon is about to fix that.

Home-grown goodness:

My first home-grown strawberry. Mmmmmm.

And from the Wheatley household, the absolute cutest wedding favors I've seen. Homemade jam by Grandma Betty. Courtney's wedding was amazing. Of course, I forgot to take my camera, so this is all you get:

Yummy yummy yummy.


Ashley said...

So cute! I love the picture of Grandma Bernice playing badminton. Hilarious!

Christian said...

I read your blog

The Wades said...

you look just like your sisters in that first pic.

Lenessa said...

Homemade jam! How CUTE!! Almost as cute as you!

Tyler said...

Fun pics. I love seeing all those. Makes me feel like we're hanging out.

Blue hair? That's gonna make a great first impression at the new school.

Lenessa said...

P.S. Love all the pics and love your new background!

Jenni said...

I absolutely do not want to run a marathon.

Veronica said...

The jam as a party favor is such a great idea! Dianna's hair looks really good. I hope she will keep it like that long enough for me to see it in person one day. I thought Richard was going to leave his hair long for his Halloween costume. What changed his mind? Just dying and spiking? Congrats on the strawberry. It is nice to see that life goes on without me yet at the same time it is very sad because I am not right there with ya.