Tuesday, July 31, 2007

run run run run run run run

I ran a half marathon on Sunday. Today is Tuesday. I want to run it again. Right now.

I've said this before and I'll say it again--The RunSFM 1st Half Marathon is my favorite half marathon ever. Maren and Julia inspired me to write down what I remembered from it:

The night before: After braving the the race expo with Dana, Julia, Jonathan, Maren, Ryan, Leah, Kaylynn, Brook, and Moshe, Dana and I met up with Alan and Erica for dinner at Chiaroscuro on Washington. Yummy. Then I had this great idea. Why pay almost $8 for a tiny dessert when you can pay almost $8 for a big, huge, delicious brownie sundae at Ghirardelli Square?? Isn't that what you're supposed to eat the night before a race? So we did. Mmmm.

Pre-race: Dana and I left Kaylynn's friend's friend's house (Thanks again, Kaylynn!!) with Deirdre to meet up with Alan and Erica at the start next to the Ferry Building on Embarcadero. We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off for about 10 minutes trying to find them. Just before our wave was about to start, we saw them, jumped in line, and off we went.

run run run run

Miles 1-2: Within the first two miles, we enjoyed running along Embarcadero, smelling the fresh-baked bread at the Bouding factory, and passing Ghirardelli Square and Aquatic park.

run run run run

Mile 2: Pit stop at the porta-pottie. I'd blame it on the brownie sundae, but truth be told, my stomach has never quite been the same since Brazil. Stupid pit-stop added 2 minutes to my time!

run run run run

Mile 4-ish: I was running toward the Golden Gate Bridge along Chrissy Field (daydreaming) when I looked over and saw a guy running to my left who looked like one of the med students I know at Stanford. Having nothing else to do (running doesn't exactly take the most concentration), I just kept staring to see if it was him. Luckily, I remembered I was running, looked back in front of me, and narrowly missed a pole. Note to self: It's a good idea to look forward while you're running.

run run run run

Mile 5-ish: The run up the hill to the Golden Gate bridge was not as hard as I remembered it. In fact, it wasn't hard at all. I love running up hills. Anyone want to go run it next weekend? Good little workout.

run run run run

Miles 6-9: The Golden Gate bridge was foggy foggy foggy. Wet and foggy. But niiiice. You have to be careful on the little metal parts along the bridge or you'll slip and fall on your face. I kept an eye out for Moshe and cheered him on as he flew by on his way back across the bridge. He's one of those speedy runners. Then I cheered Erica as she passed. Go speedy Erica! And I saw Deirdre but she was too far away to hear me. On my way back over the bridge I passed Dana and we cheered for each other. Then I saw Alan and yelled his name, but his music was obviously too loud.

run run run run

Miles 9-10: Done with the bridge. Down a hill, up a hill, down down down down Lincoln Blvd. Christian and Aaron called me from Geary and 25th to see where I was. I told them I was running down Lincoln. They thought I meant Lincoln Ave and rushed to the finish line so they wouldn't miss my finish. Silly boys. The race doesn't even run on Lincoln Ave. I was still 3 miles away.

run run run run

Mile 11: Pit stop #2. So annoying! Added another 2 minutes to my time. No more sundaes the night before a race. No more trips to Brazil.

run run run run

Miles 11-12: Wanted to speed up. Couldn't do it. Small hill after small hill after small hill.

run run run run

Mile 13: Well, at least I sprinted the last 50 feet! Hahaha.

run run run run aaaaand STOP!

The race was great. The foggy weather was great. My lover met me at the finish line with a kiss and warm clothes. We had the BEST breakfast with Alan, Erica, Deirdre, and Mike. Then we went home and took a 2-hour nap. I love race days.


The Wades said...

so this is the first time that i've actually LOVED this run. it's pretty fantastic, huh? do you remember three (was it three?) when it was just you, me, and erica? that was a fun year, but i remember the race being a lot harder. to me, courses are like little black dresses. sometimes you try them on and they almost fit, and other times you try them on and you swim in it ... does that make sense?

Molly said...

I remembered this race being a lot harder, too. Does that mean we're getting better? I'm already so excited to run Nike.

Lenessa said...

Totally amazing. And what was I doing while you were running? Sleeping! You are amazing.

Julie and Lenny said...

you guys are total studs! I admire you for your dedication!

bonandjon said...

Molly! I was thinking of you the day of your race... we were up in the city but I totally spaced calling you the night before to find out where to meet you. I'm so sorry! It would have been great to see you. Sounds like the race was awesome. Congrats!