Wednesday, July 25, 2007

isn't that kind of WT?

So I don't normally post more than once in a day. But in light of my previous blog, I felt I needed to.

The other day I was talking to my friend Julia, and in response to whatever we were talking about, she said, "Isn't that kind of WT?" Of course I've never been very fluent in speaking acronym, so I told her I had no idea what WT was. Turns out it stands for White Trash. So this week I let out my inner WT:

First -- I really wanted to put my new shelves in my new apartment. But when I mentioned carrying them over, Christian looked at me like I was crazy. So in my flip-flops, T-shirt, and pajama pants, I hoisted one onto my back (they seriously weight practically nothing) and hoofed it around the block and into our new apartment. I'm sure I was a site to see. Carrying furniture down Escuela in my pajamas. So then Christian decided to join in and stuck the other shelving unit on the top of his car and held onto it through the sunroof. Who needs rope?

Second -- In order to see if our bed would fit in the alcove in the front bedroom of our apartment, we decided we needed to take the bed frame over. The only problem is that we aren't moving any big items (well, I guess except for the shelves) until Friday evening when we have help. So then we got this great idea. At 9:30pm, I drove around the block, parked my car, ran (in my flip-flops and pajamas) to the back of our new complex, and Christian handed me the bed frame over the fence (which backs up to our current apartment complex). I then proceeded to (in my flip-flops and pajamas) carry the bedframe over my head to our new apartment.

Third -- At about 3:30pm today, my horrible memory kicked in and I panicked. I drove my car to work today and forgot to put the day-use scratcher parking pass in the window. So I quickly went to my car to see if I had a ticket. Luckily, after 7 hours of sitting in the parking structure, there was no ticket. Phew! But then it struck me -- After 4pm, you don't need a parking pass. Did I really want to use a $5.00 parking pass for 30 minutes? Did I want to leave my car there risk getting a ticket in the last 30 minutes? NO and NO! So I decided to waste time by cleaning out my car. Yes--in the middle of the parking structure at Stanford University, there I was pulling trash out of my car and reorganizing my trunk. 30 minutes, 4 pairs of shoes, countless articles of missing clothing, one bag of trash, two saws (who knew??), and 20 empty water bottles later, I headed back into work. As I carried the water bottles to the recycling bin in my building, a co-worker walked past me on his way out and gave me the what-in-the-world-are-you-doing look. I just smiled at him and said, "Long story."

Little does he know I'm just WT.


Lenessa said...

Awesome. Classy white trash though! How awesome that you even have the option to throw your furniture over the fence to move in! And ps. I can not wait for the Simpson's movie! Seriously I can't wait to see spider pig.

The Wades said...

let it be known that i say "WT" with all the love in my heart ... :) ha.

Mer said...

I had this mission companion from Chile who was barely learning English, but used the phrase "white trash" once (a previous companion had taught her). At first I was shocked that she knew such a colloquialism, but then I thought it was hilarious.