Friday, July 13, 2007

coming to my senses: feeling

I'm tired. I'm ready to go back to bed. I would love to wrap up in my blankets and sink into blissful dreaming. My bed would feel so nice. So speaking of things that feel nice, these are the things I love to feel:

1) Warm sun on a cool day.
2) A warm breeze while I ride my bike.
3) The ground on my bare feet.
4) Warm sand.
5) Stormy wind.
6) Soft baby blankets.
7) Christian's skin (he could give those blankets a run for their money).
8) A dog or cat sleeping on my bed next to my feet.
9) Warm laundry fresh out of the drier.
10) Christian's hugs.


Ashley said...

I vote for Charlie's skin, but not Tyler's FREEZING feet!

Tyler said...

Cold pillow cases and crisp breezes on sunny fall mornings.

Lenessa said...

I want to go back to bed!!!