Friday, June 8, 2007

time after time

I wasted 17 hours of my life this week. We had a HUGE project to do at work. So a co-worker and I spent 8 hours finishing it on Monday. On Tuesday morning we learned that our lawyers wanted it a different way (why in the world the lawyers weren't consulted BEFORE we were directed to do the project is beyond me). So Tuesday we sat on our butts all day waiting for the "go ahead" to re-do the project. I can't explain how many times I heard "It will just be about another hour." Needless to say, 9 hours later I went home without doing anything. What a waste of my time. What a waste of 10 percent of my week.

So it got me thinking about where my time really goes. So being the procrastinator that I am (and loving numbers and spreadsheets), I set aside my work and made a pie chart of my time:

I spend 15% of my week with Christian (but that's overlapping time spent watching TV, doing home projects, blogging, driving, and grocery shopping). That's better than a lot of couples I know. But, really--15 percent?? That's not very much.

What's sad is that working and sleeping make up almost 60 percent of my life, while seeing friends and family makes up only 2 percent. And that's when I'm not in school.

And what's up with me wasting 8 hours a week on the internet (and probably more than that)? I fully attribute that to procrastinating at work.

What do you spend your time doing?


Ashley said...

It is hilarious how alike you and Tyler are. I'm sure that if he sees this, he will have to make a chart for himself. I wouldn't want to see mine!

thebakerbook said...

That makes feel sick inside.