Monday, June 4, 2007


So Julia and Maren brought this fun little game to my attention. I'm sure veteral bloggers think this is old news, but I found it pretty amusing. I googled "Molly needs" and "Christian needs" and this is what turned up. I always knew Molly was a popular animal name (I've known more animals named Molly than people), but never expected this many animal responses. I screened out most of them:

1) Molly needs a slogan for 3rd grade council.
2) Molly needs a special surgery called a bulla osteotomy for her nasopharyngeal (about a "a scrawny, sickly little gray and white kitten who was so ugly she was adorable")
3) Molly needs your help to identify a variety of farm animals
4) Molly needs a little help prioritising (You think??)
5) Molly needs a clean up
(And my personal favorite: "Who Needs Breasts, Anyway? by Molly." How appropriate.)

As for Christian, I had to screen out probably 100 "What a good Christian needs" sentences before I found these:

1) Christian needs room for rent.
2) Christian Needs A Home (about a cat who is incontinent and has to wear diapers)
3) Christian needs to get out
4) Christian needs a boat
5) Christian needs to go to summer school

Not so far off if I do say so myself... Happy Googling!


Ashley said...

I completely support Christian getting a boat!

Mer said...

I'm going to have to try this...