Tuesday, June 12, 2007

deep thoughts from utah


You know, there's nothing more awkward than elevator rides. Inevitably you get in the elevator with one other person (or multiple people who don't know each other) and you don't say a word to each other. At least in Grey's Anatomy they know each other and there's a relationship-related reason for the ever-present, awkward-silence elevator scenes. But in real life it's just good old awkward-ness. I'm in Utah for a work conference (and seriously having the time of my life). The conference is at my hotel and I swear I've been in the elevator an average of 10 times each day. That's a lot of awkward silence if I do say so myself.

Nice Hotels

This is nice. I'm staying at the Marriot. And I've decided I could handle staying in nice hotels all the time. Except that then I'd have to pay for it. I can definitely handle having my bed made every day. Big decorative pillows. New Bath and Body Works products every day. Free internet. 2 queen beds all to myself. A huge shower and tub. An in-house gym. And room service (ok, I didn't order room service, but just the option is nice). And this place isn't even luxury compared to some. But to this country bumpkin, it's pretty nice...


I've had way too much food. The conference fed us. I've gone out to dinner. I've gone out to dessert. I've eaten so much in the past 3 days. Mmmmm. Raspberry Choclate Truffle at the Salt Lake Roasting Company. Mmmmm.


The conference I attended was amazing. I could handle doing something like this every couple months. It was so motivating. All people in the same boat trying to implement the same program and excited about the same things--but all from different medical colleges. We shared ideas, we shared complaints, and we all left eager to make a change in our respective schools. And to think I was worried it might be boring...


Sunday I hung out with my wonderful friend, Ryan. We laughed. We cried. Ok, we just laughed. And we watched snippets of our old high school plays and air jams. Way too fun.

Monday night I went to dinner with Meredith and Baptiste. We literally laughed for about 3 hours straight. They are too funny.

(Go visit www.meredithprevot.com)

Tuesday I went to Ogden to visit Veronica, Josh, and Savannah (not to mention Jack who now refers to me as Aunt Molly). It was great getting together. I miss them so much and wish they were still in California, but I know they're doing what they should.

Then I drove back to Salt Lake and had dessert with Ryan, Bonnie, and Jonathan. Another hour and a half of laughing. I have the most amazing friends.

Now my belly is full, my brain is full, my heart is full (cheesy!), and I'm ready to go home.


Ashley said...

FUN trip! You ALMOST make me want to work again.

bonandjon said...

Molly... you've inspired me. I finally got my own blog. Thanks again for taking time to hang out with us. It was a blast.

Oh, and can you email me that picture? That would be awesome! I have one for you too... but it will be coming snail mail. :)