Friday, May 4, 2007

why do we work out?

So my long time wonderful friend Ryan Shattuck writes a column in QSaltLake. His articles are always humorous and enjoyable. I'm lucky to see them early because I help him edit them. SO his latest column is about why we're all obsessed with getting into shape and looking good. Unfortunately, the issue isn't out yet, but when he posts his column on his blog,, I will let you know.

Back to my point. So Ryan's article made me think about why I try to get into shape. Why am I getting into shape?

(1) To look good--yes, I'll admit it.
(2) To look good--wait, did I already say that?
(3) To train myself how to lose weight, so that I'll know how after I have kids.
(4) To eat healthier: it gives me more energy and I just feel better all around.
(5) To take care of this beautiful body that I was given.
(6) Because I believe in loving your body, not criticizing it. This is my way of showing it love. Feel the burn, baby!
(7) Because I want a pair of skinny jeans. I'm a firm believer that skinny jeans look best on people with skinny legs. (Unless, of course, you're one of those people who happens to look good in anything you slap on your body...) So unless I have skinny legs, I'm not wearing a pair of skinny jeans.
(8) Because working out is a great excuse to hang out with friends.
(9) Because working out is contagious and everyone around you starts wanting to work out, too.

That said...Tomorrow Ashley, Amy, and I are officially starting the challenge. Skinny jeans, here we come! If anyone wants to join us, just let me know. I'm not even going to call it a support group--this is full-blown peer pressure at its finest.

My goal: eating healthy foods, eating appropriate portions, exercising daily, drinking enough water (I hate this--I end up having to pee every hour), and remembering to take my vitamins (I know--vitamins just make for really expensive pee).

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