Monday, May 7, 2007

have i done any good in the world today?

In light of the recent tornado destruction in Kansas, I was feeling pretty sad at the end of last week. Everything in me wished that Christian and I could just drop everything, buy plane tickets, and spend a week in Greensburg helping in any way possible. Unfortunately, work duties, upcoming finals, and the need to get out of debt and not more into it left me a little down.

Back in high school I did a lot of community service. I loved it. There’s nothing like serving others. It leaves you feeling energized and grateful. So that was high school. Then came college. Then came marriage. Then came full-time work and a Master’s program. Community service went out the window.

So while I was moping about not being able to help, Heavenly Father kindly reminded me that I can still find my own ways to serve people right here at home. Even if it seems insignificant.

Yesterday I was driving to San Francisco on the freeway and noticed that a lady had somehow left her second set of keys dangling from her trunk. The last thing someone wants is to park their car in the city, lock it, and walk away with their second set of keys is dangling from their trunk. After multiple attempts to get her attention (difficult to do at 80 miles per hour), I resolved to just stay behind her. Luckily she happened to be headed to 6th street also. Perfect. The first red light we hit, I threw my car into park, jumped out, pulled her keys out of the trunk, and handed them to her through her window as the light turned green. She gave me the strangest look, but later slowed down next to me to give a big thumbs up and say "THANK YOU!!"

Sure, it wasn’t a natural disaster, but it could have been a disaster for her. Have I done any good in the world today? I sure hope so.

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Ashley said...

That was so nice of you. Great reminder to all of us that there are plenty of opportunities to help right here.