Monday, May 14, 2007

get thee behind me, satan!

Oh, the temptation! Who in the world came up with this whole blog idea? Inspired by my sister-in-law, Ashley, I now walk around all day seeing the world with blogging eyes. Events turn into commentaries. Pictures turn into the perfect blog entry. But, no. I am strong. I will resist. I have 9 days until my final project is due for school and countless things to get done at work. So, get thee behind me, Satan! I will resist the temptation to blog until the 23rd.

But I won't hesitate to tell my friends to update their blogs. I guess I'm only so strong...


Ashley said...

Oh no! Don't stop, just do short posts! And don't worry, the blog-goggles go away in a few weeks. Good luck on the project.

ryan, maren and leah said...

we've created a monster!!

Ryan said...

What? No no.

Blogging is never a bad thing.

Don't wait until the 23rd to blog.

When you said the 23rd, you meant 23:00 to represent 11:00pm in military time, and NOT the 23rd as in the day.

Right? Right?

Molly said...

Well, I guess if I can hang out with girlfriends for 5 hours after work, I'm not exactly working on homework all the time. I'll post tonight. The devil made me do it.