Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Green Caterpillars

I find all animals incredibly interesting. Except maybe pincher bugs. They just gross me out. So this morning I adopted a family of big green caterpillars (or BGCs according to Julia). Although I know Ashley hates acronyms with a passion, I'm still going to call them BGCs.

This morning I looked outside at my beloved plants and realized that a family of BGCs had moved in and were feasting on my delphiniums! So what did I do? I did what any 25-year-old professional adult would do: I put all 9 of them in a plastic container with some leaves to watch them make cocoons! Oh--make that 10--I found a straggler on one of the plants tonight. The funny thing is that I'm completely paranoid that more BGCs are going to come and eat my only delphinium that's showing any signs of blooming.

How many can you see here? I'll give you a free one if you answer correctly... (click on the picture for a super close-up)

So the BGCs are my new pets. They are vicious little things! I took the picture above, came back a half hour later, and look what was left! At this rate, I may not be able to keep the little piggies fed...

Much to my dissapointment, these beautiful oinkers are going to turn into ugly brown moths. At least the whole cocoon process will be cool. Stay tuned! (Not that I expect anyone else to find any of this interesing. I guess that's just the fun of blogs!)


Ashley said...

I refuse to guess the number of BGCs in the picture bc I do not want one of those in my house! But that is the sort of thing that will make you SUCH a cute mom and I'm glad I can send Charlie to your house to be exposed to scary things like caterpillars and worms.

Tyler said...

Pincher bugs? Mom would be so disappointed. They're called earwigs. Earwigs I say! And don't get me started on the rollie pollies.

Molly said...

Rollie pollies don't scare me. They are cute. And I don't call them earwigs because that makes me picture then crawling into my ears when I'm asleep... and that freaks me out even more than the actual bugs!

Ashley--I would be more than happy to expose Charlie to worms and snails and caterpillars and spiders. Although, I'm sure Tyler will do a pretty good job of that. :)

I'm running out of food for them. 1 made a nest today and I'm hoping the rest do soon, because my delphiniums can't afford to lose another leaf!

Molly said...

Roley poleys. Rolie polies. Roly Polies. Rolly pollies.