Monday, May 21, 2007

are you thinking what i’m thinking, pinky?

Do you remember Animaniacs? If you don’t, I’m very very sorry. (Side note: If anyone wants to get me an Animaniacs box set, I’ll gladly accept.) So if you are a true Animaniacs fan, you’ll remember “Good Idea / Bad Idea”.

It seemed appropriate to me to give you a better idea of my daily life through my very own weekly “Good Idea / Bad Idea.” (Or daily if I’m really tempting natural selection). Welcome to my life.

Good Idea / Bad Idea #1: Home-Schooling

Good Idea: Making fun of home-schooled kids.

Bad Idea: Making fun of home-schooled kids in front of a home-schooled kid and her mom.


Ashley said...

I am glad you are back from hiatus!

Molly said...

Oh, I'm back alright. Ha!

Mer said...

This blog is gonna be good!

The Wades said...

OK, Animaniacs was my absolutely favorite cartoon when I was small. LOVE IT!