Thursday, May 24, 2007

wanted: bird poop

I have a garden. It's my pride and joy. I even water it now. I have geraniums, delphiniums, columbine, a hosta, a calla lily, 4 japanese maples, a bleeding hearts, wisteria, tomatoes, beans, and, um, a couple other things I can't remember the names of.

One day I decided I needed a bird bath. But that's not exactly a high priority on my things-I-want-to-spend-my-money-on list. So I got creative. Here is my bird bath:

I love it. I think it's adorable on my cute table. (Thanks again, Mom!) But there's one problem. No birds. Now, I know there are plenty of birds around. I hear them all day long. And one even pooped on me and Christian. (Yes, both of us at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone...) But no birds come to my bird bath!

So I'm desperate for bird poop. That would be the only sign that birds are coming to my balcony. But, alas, I check every day and still no bird poop. Any suggestions?

Oh, and I also need to know how to put out bird seed without the seeds going everywhere. I don't think the people below me would be very happy if the scattered seeds ended up growing around their patio.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

good idea / bad idea #2: goodnight kiss

Good Idea: Reaching over to kiss your wife goodnight.

Bad Idea: Elbowing her in the face instead.

Monday, May 21, 2007

are you thinking what i’m thinking, pinky?

Do you remember Animaniacs? If you don’t, I’m very very sorry. (Side note: If anyone wants to get me an Animaniacs box set, I’ll gladly accept.) So if you are a true Animaniacs fan, you’ll remember “Good Idea / Bad Idea”.

It seemed appropriate to me to give you a better idea of my daily life through my very own weekly “Good Idea / Bad Idea.” (Or daily if I’m really tempting natural selection). Welcome to my life.

Good Idea / Bad Idea #1: Home-Schooling

Good Idea: Making fun of home-schooled kids.

Bad Idea: Making fun of home-schooled kids in front of a home-schooled kid and her mom.

Monday, May 14, 2007

get thee behind me, satan!

Oh, the temptation! Who in the world came up with this whole blog idea? Inspired by my sister-in-law, Ashley, I now walk around all day seeing the world with blogging eyes. Events turn into commentaries. Pictures turn into the perfect blog entry. But, no. I am strong. I will resist. I have 9 days until my final project is due for school and countless things to get done at work. So, get thee behind me, Satan! I will resist the temptation to blog until the 23rd.

But I won't hesitate to tell my friends to update their blogs. I guess I'm only so strong...

Monday, May 7, 2007

she’s crafty

Kleptomania? You bet. Lock up your pens. Or you’ll never see them again.

My latest heist.

The ransom? Oatmeal cookies. No raisins. Pay up or the pen is dead.

chonies: unleashed

Move apartments and never see the underwear men again? Never!

We have a neighbor who likes to walk down the hall in his boxers. I must admit, it’s quite amusing. We’ve had friends walk into our apartment and say, “There’s a guy in your hall in his boxers!” Yeah. That’s our chonies neighbor. As if that wasn’t good enough, tonight we noticed the chonies guy walking up the stairs. As soon as he went into the hallway, we ran up the stairs so we could catch a glimpse of him before he went into his apartment. But to our surprise--he stopped at a different apartment! What’s this? We have TWO chonies guys in our building! Life doesn’t get better than that.

have i done any good in the world today?

In light of the recent tornado destruction in Kansas, I was feeling pretty sad at the end of last week. Everything in me wished that Christian and I could just drop everything, buy plane tickets, and spend a week in Greensburg helping in any way possible. Unfortunately, work duties, upcoming finals, and the need to get out of debt and not more into it left me a little down.

Back in high school I did a lot of community service. I loved it. There’s nothing like serving others. It leaves you feeling energized and grateful. So that was high school. Then came college. Then came marriage. Then came full-time work and a Master’s program. Community service went out the window.

So while I was moping about not being able to help, Heavenly Father kindly reminded me that I can still find my own ways to serve people right here at home. Even if it seems insignificant.

Yesterday I was driving to San Francisco on the freeway and noticed that a lady had somehow left her second set of keys dangling from her trunk. The last thing someone wants is to park their car in the city, lock it, and walk away with their second set of keys is dangling from their trunk. After multiple attempts to get her attention (difficult to do at 80 miles per hour), I resolved to just stay behind her. Luckily she happened to be headed to 6th street also. Perfect. The first red light we hit, I threw my car into park, jumped out, pulled her keys out of the trunk, and handed them to her through her window as the light turned green. She gave me the strangest look, but later slowed down next to me to give a big thumbs up and say "THANK YOU!!"

Sure, it wasn’t a natural disaster, but it could have been a disaster for her. Have I done any good in the world today? I sure hope so.

burn baby burn

Ashley, Amy, and I officially kicked off our fitness challenge on Saturday. We took our measurements, weight, and body fat percentage, and took "before" pictures. Sorry--I'm not posting those. Although if we all end up looking like models, I might reconsider.

After playing with Diego, taking our measurements, taking pictures, and laughing a lot, Ivan moved the furniture in the living room (he needed a little exercise, too), and we did pilates. Only I think we may have laughed more than we worked out.

We then embarked on what we thought would be a half-hour walk up and down San Francisco hills. We ended up walking for over an hour. After stopping at a couple small markets, we came home and made ourselves a healthy lunch. And it was sooooooo good. Fresh baked whole grain bread with mustard, gruyere cheese, tofu, spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, and avocado, and fresh cut fruit on the side.

Ashley enjoyed it.

Amy enjoyed it.

Ivan enjoyed it.

Even Diego had his own healthy meal--squash, avocado, oatmeal, and yogurt all mixed together. I think I prefer the sandwich.

After lunch we were all exhausted. So we made brownies...

Friday, May 4, 2007

why do we work out?

So my long time wonderful friend Ryan Shattuck writes a column in QSaltLake. His articles are always humorous and enjoyable. I'm lucky to see them early because I help him edit them. SO his latest column is about why we're all obsessed with getting into shape and looking good. Unfortunately, the issue isn't out yet, but when he posts his column on his blog,, I will let you know.

Back to my point. So Ryan's article made me think about why I try to get into shape. Why am I getting into shape?

(1) To look good--yes, I'll admit it.
(2) To look good--wait, did I already say that?
(3) To train myself how to lose weight, so that I'll know how after I have kids.
(4) To eat healthier: it gives me more energy and I just feel better all around.
(5) To take care of this beautiful body that I was given.
(6) Because I believe in loving your body, not criticizing it. This is my way of showing it love. Feel the burn, baby!
(7) Because I want a pair of skinny jeans. I'm a firm believer that skinny jeans look best on people with skinny legs. (Unless, of course, you're one of those people who happens to look good in anything you slap on your body...) So unless I have skinny legs, I'm not wearing a pair of skinny jeans.
(8) Because working out is a great excuse to hang out with friends.
(9) Because working out is contagious and everyone around you starts wanting to work out, too.

That said...Tomorrow Ashley, Amy, and I are officially starting the challenge. Skinny jeans, here we come! If anyone wants to join us, just let me know. I'm not even going to call it a support group--this is full-blown peer pressure at its finest.

My goal: eating healthy foods, eating appropriate portions, exercising daily, drinking enough water (I hate this--I end up having to pee every hour), and remembering to take my vitamins (I know--vitamins just make for really expensive pee).

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Big Green Caterpillars

I find all animals incredibly interesting. Except maybe pincher bugs. They just gross me out. So this morning I adopted a family of big green caterpillars (or BGCs according to Julia). Although I know Ashley hates acronyms with a passion, I'm still going to call them BGCs.

This morning I looked outside at my beloved plants and realized that a family of BGCs had moved in and were feasting on my delphiniums! So what did I do? I did what any 25-year-old professional adult would do: I put all 9 of them in a plastic container with some leaves to watch them make cocoons! Oh--make that 10--I found a straggler on one of the plants tonight. The funny thing is that I'm completely paranoid that more BGCs are going to come and eat my only delphinium that's showing any signs of blooming.

How many can you see here? I'll give you a free one if you answer correctly... (click on the picture for a super close-up)

So the BGCs are my new pets. They are vicious little things! I took the picture above, came back a half hour later, and look what was left! At this rate, I may not be able to keep the little piggies fed...

Much to my dissapointment, these beautiful oinkers are going to turn into ugly brown moths. At least the whole cocoon process will be cool. Stay tuned! (Not that I expect anyone else to find any of this interesing. I guess that's just the fun of blogs!)