Thursday, April 19, 2007

my 100

So I don't know how into this blog thing I'll be. Mostly because I don't think anyone will actually read it. Well, that and I really don't need one more distraction at work. So here's my 100. I probably could have written 200 easily, but I think 100 is already plenty... Enjoy!

  1. I'm a brunette for the first time in my life and I love it! Way more crazy men on public transportation ask me out now.
  2. I have an incredibly bad memory. In fact, I can’t remember a lot of what I did in college.
  3. I have never drunk alcohol or done drugs (so I can’t blame my bad memory on that).
  4. I was in track in junior high and completely forgot within 3 years. (No joke—I was in Watsonville for a tennis match, looked at the track, and an entire chapter of my life came flooding back into my brain. It was like remembering a dream and not being sure if it was real.)
  5. I tried to run a 5k when I was younger but got sick halfway through. I decided at that point that running just wasn’t my thing.
  6. I love to run now.
  7. I would survive much better if each day had 30 hours in it.
  8. I’m a dabbler—I dabble in a lot of things, but usually do all of them half-assed.
  9. I only cuss if I'm joking or quoting someone who was joking (or saying something like half-assed).
  10. I would love to be a nutritionist, but have no more desire to be in school.
  11. I wish I were better at sports.
  12. If I could, I would spend the first half of every day exercising outside.
  13. I can run for 5 hours outside, but only 25 minutes on a treadmill.
  14. My biggest fear is that something tragic will happen to one of my family members before I’m ready to let them go.
  15. My next biggest fear is something grabbing me from behind in the dark.
  16. I’m not afraid to admit that I want a little bit more “Christian and me” time before we have kids. I'm also not afraid to admit that I want a baby.
  17. I’m writing this during class instead of paying attention (just to confirm #8).
  18. It makes me sad when I’m nice to strangers and rude to Christian.
  19. My favorite thing about my life right now is Christian.
  20. I’m grateful to be able to say I have too many friends.
  21. I’m sad to say I don’t have enough time to spend with all those friends.
  22. I consider my family members my friends.
  23. I was never an amazing singer, but I’m sad I don’t sing as well as I used to.
  24. I played a lead role in a high school musical.
  25. I want to die a peaceful death in my sleep when I’m old.
  26. I believe my opinion is just my opinion and that it’s not right for everyone.
  27. I try to avoid conflict, but sometimes that means I get walked all over. I usually hold it all in until I can’t take it anymore. Then sometimes I blow up at people.
  28. I love watching Christian play soccer.
  29. I spend more time laughing at Christian laugh at the TV than I spend laughing at the TV.
  30. I don’t think about anything when I run.
  31. I get incredibly annoyed when people in my classes ask obvious or dumb questions. How did they get into grad school??
  32. I am so ready to be done with my Master’s program. I’m quickly losing steam.
  33. I never read for pleasure anymore, but I consider it sometimes.
  34. Hi. My name is Molly, and I’m a sugar-aholic.
  35. I admire my parents for raising us as a family that did not fight with each other and I will try hard to have a home like that.
  36. I think my parents taught us by example to not judge people.
  37. I don’t have much desire to be super rich, but I think Christian does, so he'll have to be in charge of that.
  38. I can’t stand when girls are fake. (Although if you haven't seen Mean Girls, you should...)
  39. Because of #38, I’m constantly worried that I might come across as “fake” when I talk to people, and it probably makes me come across as “fake.”
  40. Part way through college I said that if I ever had a relationship that lasted more than 3 months, I’d end up married to the guy. And I did.
  41. My dad once asked me to break up with a guy and I did. I never regretted it.
  42. I don’t like the color purple.
  43. I love running up hills.
  44. I have a really hard time lying. Ask me a question and I will tell you the truth.
  45. I don’t ever offer compliments unless I truly mean it. But if you’re fishing for a compliment, I can’t guarantee it’s 100% true.
  46. I cry when I’m uncomfortable in a situation and always have.
  47. I can’t stand #46 because it skews the conversation and prevents me from expressing myself.
  48. I want my house to be organized, but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cleaning.
  49. I love my life and always have and am incredibly grateful for every day.
  50. Being in nature makes me happy. Especially when everything is green.
  51. I rarely get thirsty and have to remind myself to drink water.
  52. Except when Christian is drinking something. Then I get really thirsty.
  53. I hate the TV when it’s on too much, and I rarely turn it on.
  54. I once unplugged the TV while Christian wasn’t home. I think he got the point.
  55. If I’m tired while I’m driving, music makes it worse. The beat lulls me to sleep.
  56. Seeing how much the people Christian taught in Brazil loved him made me love that much more.
  57. I wish I could play the guitar.
  58. I tried to learn once, but didn’t have the patience.
  59. I have been dying to play tennis for the last year, but haven’t.
  60. I never put enough time into my school papers, but always get A’s on them.
  61. I don’t ever see myself being the perfect mormon housewife, and that’s ok with me.
  62. I don’t have anything against perfect mormon housewives.
  63. I believe in taking children out of sacrament meeting as soon as they start crying.
  64. I have lots of opinions about what parents should and shouldn’t do, and I’m sure I’ll end up doing everything that I say I won’t.
  65. I don’t believe religion is brainwashing.
  66. I believe in my religion and appreciate when people respect that.
  67. People who say other people’s religions are wrong really annoy me.
  68. I would dress more stylish if I had more money. Or at least I like to think so.
  69. I tell Christian that I’ll start cooking once I’m a stay-at-home mom. But sometimes I’m not so sure…
  70. I sometimes think I should keep a journal, considering I have no memory of my own.
  71. I’ve probably been asked out on less than a dozen dates in my life (not counting the crazy men on public transportation). I think I was more of a boyfriender than a dater.
  72. I’m still friends with most of my ex-boyfriends.
  73. I go out dancing with my friends.
  74. I am grateful to have a husband who is confident enough to not get jealous over things like 73 and 74.
  75. I love dressing up for Halloween.
  76. I love dressing down at work.
  77. I will always be excited to look in my stocking at Christmas.
  78. I kick Christian’s butt at Canasta every time.
  79. Christian kicks my butt at Yahtzee every time.
  80. Christian and I accidentally elbow each other in the face a little too often.
  81. I really don’t like driving.
  82. My favorite time of day is going to sleep. I normally fall asleep within a couple minutes. Sometimes it’s probably less than 30 seconds.
  83. I want to run up Half Dome some day.
  84. I want to swim Shark Fest some day.
  85. Although I don't claim to be professional, I'm proud of the fact that I can back the boat trailer down a boat ramp (or into a driveway, or around a corner, etc.).
  86. I get incredibly annoyed when people assume I can't do things/lift things/fix things just because I'm a girl.
  87. I get incredible satisfaction out of doing/lifting/fixing something that a guy didn't think I could.
  88. I'm pro-choice, but think people should choose life. It’s heartbreaking that babies are made and destroyed for selfish reasons.
  89. I can write using the IPA phonetic alphabet.
  90. I sometimes have to choke back tears when I'm running because I am so grateful for my body and the beautiful world that God created for us.
  91. I can't wait to see Grandma Adrian after I die. I loved having lemon drops, fruit salad, and pudding cake at her house; dancing in her living room; getting Arby’s after church (oops—wasn’t supposed to tell Mom and Dad that); playing “War” with her; and playing on the medical bed in her back room.
  92. I vote because I'm afraid Amy will make me feel guilty if I don't.
  93. I only vote for things that I know about. The rest I leave blank.
  94. I think there's a huge difference between being athletically thin and being too skinny.
  95. I don't have any problem with people being gay. I think love is love.
  96. I don't think people should feel the need to fit the perfect mold.
  97. I love taking things apart and putting them back together again just to see how they work.
  98. I usually cut my own hair, because I have lots of things I'd rather spend my money on than a hair cut.
  99. I believe in God and evolution.
  100. I think too many people think things have to be one way or the other.